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April 29, 2021 1:06 AM

Over the last few years, we have posted many blogs on our page. While some give insight and more details about Bring My Song To Life, others are meant to guide and help you whether you are looking for recommendations for gifts, best songs for different occasions. Since we have so many of them, we thought why not put all of them together in one blog post that gives you a sneak peek at each one of them. So, here they are.

1. Gift Ideas to Tell Him How Much He Means To You

A blog that will help you buy the best and most thoughtful gifts to surprise him on any occasion!

2. Finest Music For Anniversaries Or Just Because

Looking for some grooving or romantic music for your anniversary celebration? Then check out this blog!

3. 10 Songs About Baby Love Songs

Babies are love of the purest form! This blog has the 10 best baby love songs that any parent is sure to absolutely love!

4. Anniversary Songs For Parents

Surprise your parents on their anniversary with some of the finest music or a personalized song. This blog has everything you need.

5. Unique Wedding First Dance Songs

The first dance is a special moment for any couple and the song you choose for your first dance can make the moment memorable for life. This blog will help you find your song!

6. Traditional Anniversary Gifts And Presents

Every anniversary has a traditional gift associated with it. Find out what traditional gift to get your partner on your next anniversary with this blog.

7. Which Are Mother’s Day Dates Around The World?

Mother’s Day is celebrated on different dates around the world. Find out more about it here.

8. The Traditional 24th Wedding Anniversary Gift

The 24th-anniversary gift is called the musical anniversary gift. Find out why in this blog.

9. Why You Should Create A Long-Distance Gift Song

Long-Distance relationships are not easy. This blog will tell you how a personalized song can help you build your relationship.

10. Safe And Clean Music List For Your Kid

Not every music out there is safe to play in front of kids. This blog lists songs that are both groovy and safe to shake a leg with kids.

11. Create Your Own Love Song Lyrics

Find out how to write a love song for a special one by reading this blog.

12. Turn Song Lyrics Into A Picture

Song lyrics as a picture make a thoughtful and beautiful gift option. This blog will tell you everything about it.

13. Best Long-Distance Gift Ideas

In a long-distance relationship? Find the best gift ideas to surprise and make your partner feel loved with this blog.

14. Anniversary Gifts – Things That Will Be Remembered

Anniversaries are the perfect occasion to tell your partner how much you love them. This blog will help you find a gift for a special occasion.

15. How To Bring Greatness To Your Life

Bringing greatness to your life is not an easy process. This blog will guide you on how to do it.

16. Tunedly: All You Need To Make Great Music And Grow Your Career

Want to know more about Tunedly? Read this blog!

17. 3 Unique Things At Bring My Song To Life

Bring My Song To Life has 3 unique things that set us apart from our competitors. Read on to find out more.

18. How To Write A Song About Someone

Writing a song is not everyone’s cup of tea. But find out how to do it with this blog.

19. Pay Someone To Make A Song

Want to create a song for someone? Then this blog is just what you need.

20. Best Music Themed Gifts

This blog has the best gift ideas for that music lover in your life.

21. Songs About Giving Unique Presents

This blog consists of songs that capture the beauty of giving gifts.

22. A Personalized Retirement Gift That Is Funny

Retirement is an event that should be celebrated! Find out the best gifts to get your college, friend, or loved one on their retirement.

23. Alternatives To Donsje.Com In Canada And In The United States

Not everyone can get their hands on the collection of Donsje. This blog lists out the alternatives.

24. Songs: Yellow Finch And Purple Finch

Yellow finch and purple finch bird calls are some of the beautiful songs of nature. This blog talks about them in detail.

25. Custom Songs For You

Find out how to get your custom song from Bring My Song To Life.

26. Mother’s Day Is The Perfect Occasion

Find out how to show some appreciation to your mom on Mother’s Day with this blog.

27. Anniversary Gifts: Marriage And Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Blog with some of the best wedding and anniversary gift ideas and suggestions.

28. Music Present For Someone Who Likes Music

The ultimate guide when you are looking for gifts for that friend who loves music.

29. How To Respect Yourself And Others And Why It Is Important

Respecting yourself is a step towards healing. Find out how to do it with this beautiful blog.

30. Happy New Year 2021

Just wishing our readers a happy new year!

31. There’s Worldwide Optimism About Gender Equality

Gender Equality is something we all need to talk about and that’s exactly what this blog does.

32. The Very Best Birthday Gift Ideas

Find that perfect birthday gift need not be a pain anymore, thanks to this ultimate list.

33. Your Story + Our Musicians = The Finest Personalized Song

This blog will tell you everything you need to know about how Bring My Song To Life makes music.

34. Five Best Long-Distance Relationship Gift Ideas

Get the 5 best gift ideas to get your partner if you are in a long-distance relationship.

35. Personalized Gifts For Her Or Him On Amazon And Bring My Song To Life

Get ideas on what to get him or her for any occasion or event with some help from this blog.

36. Our Recommendation For Thoughtful And Unique Friendship Songs

Celebrate the most important friendships in your life with this list of beautiful and thoughtful friendship songs.

37. Our Recommendation For Long-Distance Relationship Gift Ideas

Another one for people in long-distance relationships. Get some unique and thoughtful gift ideas here.

38. Unique Gifts To Tell Her How Much She Means To You

Thinking of ways to make her feel special? Then read this blog for more ideas.

39. Homeschooling In California: How Does It Work?

This blog was in light of the current COVID-19 situation. Everything you need to know about homeschooling in California.

40. Our Recommendation For Mother-Son Dance Songs For Weddings

Planning your or a loved one’s wedding? Get ideas for the Mother-Son dance songs in this blog.

41. Our Recommendation For The Best First Dance Songs For Weddings

Planning your or a loved one’s wedding? Read this blog for some of the best first dance songs out there.

42. Customized Gifts For Weddings, Anniversaries, Birthdays, And More Loving Moments

No matter what the occasion, customized gifts surely make people feel special and loved. This blog tells you just that.

43. International Kissing Day: We Have Gift Suggestions

For everyone who loves celebrating Kissing Day, here are some unique and quirky gift ideas to get your partner.

44. How Much Should You Spend On Baby Shower Gifts

Need to attend a baby shower? Find out what to get and how much to spend on this blog.

45. For Husbands, Wives, And Parents: Bring Your Song To Life

No matter who you are getting the gift for. Bring My Song To Life has a personalized song for everyone and every occasion.

46. Always Delivering On Our Promises

At Bring My Song To Life, we believe in delivering on our promises. Read the blog to find out more.

47. 3 Unbelievable Feelings You Will Experience When You Finally Meet The One

Meeting the One can be not so easy for everyone. Read this blog to find out how you will feel when you actually find “THE ONE”.

48. How To Travel In Style Without Spending A Fortune

Who said traveling the world has to be expensive? Read this blog to find out more.

49. Read Our Testimonials About The Sweetest Customized Gift

Bring My Song To Life has brought a smile on thousands of faces with their personalized songs. Read on to find out what our customers think in this blog.

50. Ways To Add Personality To Your Gift Ideas

Want to buy something special for your loved one? Then this blog will help you do just that.

51. Customized Gifts You Will Want To Absolutely Try

Customized gifts are thoughtful and show the effort you have put in. This blog has some of the most beautiful customized gift options out there.

52. The Science Behind Giving Great Online Gifts

Buying a gift online is no joke. Read this blog to discover the science behind it.

53. Delectable Gift Choice

Choose from some of the most delectable gifts online with this blog.

54. 5 Online Gifts To Blow Your Spouse’s Mind

Looking for a way to surprise your spouse? Then this is the blog for you.

55. Bring My Song To Life Core Values

What sets Bring My Song To Life apart? It's our core value. Read this blog to find out more.

56. 5 Unique Online Gifts For Men Who Have Everything

Who said you can only gift wallets, watches, or clothes to men? Find out some fun, quirky and thoughtful gift ideas in this blog.

57. 10 Most Popular Flowers For Your Dream Wedding (With A Twist)

Flowers are probably the first thing that comes to your mind when planning a wedding. This blog talks in detail about the most popular ones out there.

58. 12 Stunning Anniversary Gift Ideas To Celebrate Your Better Half

Anniversaries are always special, whether it's your first or fiftieth. Read this blog to get your spouse the perfect gift for this anniversary.

59. Everything You Need To Know About Creating A Custom Anniversary Song

Perfect gifts do exist! A custom anniversary song is a gift you have been looking for and this blog will tell you why!

60. Happy Birthday! Celebrate With A Personalized Birthday Song

Replace the same old birthday song with a personalized one this year with Bring My Song To Life. Here’s how!

61. Follow Us On Social Media Because You’re Missing Out Right Now

Want updates about Bring My Song To Life? Follow us on social media now!

62. Your Own Personalized Birthday Song For A Memorable Time Of The Year

Show yourself some much-deserved love with a personalized birthday song this year.

63. 3 Childproofing Tips That Make Travelling To Europe Easy-Peasy

Traveling with kids is never easy but being prepared can definitely help. Read this blog to find some easy tips and ideas.

64. Do You Want To Provide Lyrics Or Music For Our Clients?

For everyone who is looking to join our family, this blog is for you.

65. Song Symbols Representing Enthusiasm: Beagle, Finch, And Yellow

Symbolism has been used in songs for ages. Find out how and when to do it with this blog.

66. What To Write To Someone For An Anniversary Of A Death

Deaths can be an uncomfortable topic for a lot of people. This blog is for all those people.

67. 4 Gifts To Make Your Anniversary More Memorable

Make your anniversary celebration a memorable one by reading this blog.

68. Bring My Song To Life: Samples Of Songs Created For Clients Worldwide

Want to hear some of the beautiful songs made by us? Then just read over to this blog.

69. Your Story + Our Musicians = The Most Unique Personalized Gift

How do we add magic to our personalized songs? Read this blog to find out.

70. Different Ways People Celebrate Birthdays Around The World

This blog will tell you about the different ways people celebrate birthdays around the world.

71. How To Keep Long-Distance Relationships Interesting?

Long-distance relationships need a lot of work. Find out how to keep the romance alive with this blog.

72. Why It's Important To Do Something Special For Your Anniversary

Anniversaries come every year but it does not mean you don’t celebrate them. Read on to find out why.

73. Stretches For Jazz Dancers, Jazz Dance Moves, Foods That Are Good

Jazz is not everyone’s cup of tea. Find out what is needed to become a pro jazz dancer.

74. Make Your Valentine’s Day Gift More Special This Year

Have some special valentine’s Day plans? Make it more special with some help from our blog.

So that was what we have so far.

In case you want us to cover anything specific than just leave a comment. We would be happy to see what our readers want!

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