Customized Gifts You Will Want To Absolutely Try

Sending someone a gift whether there is a special occasion or not is one thing, but to give them something that is exclusively made for them is another.

This may sound as cliché, but in giving gifts it is always the thought that counts. So, enough with the extravagant yet typical presents and try to put more effort into your gifts. Here are some of the customized gift ideas that you could work on and probably send to your loved ones in the future.

Perfume: If you want your partner to have a distinctive smell so you’d always recognize them even from afar, you could give them a custom made perfume. Plus, you could choose which ingredients to use especially if the recipient has an allergic reaction to a specific chemical and also to make sure that everything is in the highest quality. Most stores also allow you to personalize the bottle that you will be using. You could engrave the name of the owner, or customize the shape of the container itself.

Picture Puzzle: Sending a framed picture sure is touching but you could still take it to the next level. Instead of merely printing a photo and having it framed, you could turn it into a customized jigsaw puzzle. This way your gift will not only serve as a remembrance but as an avenue for entertainment as well. You could choose a photo that highlights one of the best memories you have. While they solve the puzzle, they will also be reminded of how happy that day was for the both of you.

Necklace: Sure, a necklace is one of the most common types of gift especially among lovers but that does not mean that you can’t be anywhere near creativity. As a matter of fact, there are a lot of ways to customize a necklace. You can have the recipients’ birth date engraved at the back of the pendant, design the pendant on your own and have it custom made, or when in doubt, you could always go for the name necklace. By doing this, they’ll know that you did not just randomly pick the jewelry out of the store.

Pillow: Not everyone is lucky enough to actually find a pillow that perfectly gives them comfort and matches their preference, but you could help them out by giving them a customized pillow especially made to always make them feel relaxed and warm. You can choose the color, shape, and design that you think the recipient will love.

Song: This is the best option among all five. Here is why: How do you think your friend or loved one will react if they realize that you actually had a song made especially for them? If you worry that you don’t have the talent to actually write a good song, fret not because our pros are here at Bring My Song To Life. We always make sure to provide our customers with a good set of unique and wonderful customized songs. Many of our musicians have won worldwide recognition. Nothing but the best. Our motto is happy customers, happy us! Check out our website for more details about our services.

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