Your Own Personalized Birthday Song For a Memorable Time of The Year

March 25, 2021 9:04 AM

For many people, planning for birthdays each year usually means making a long list of things they want to do or have as they get older. This is what is called a bucket list, and typically includes cliché activities such as backpacking in a far-flung country, skydiving, learning how to cook, mastering a new language, etc. But how about creating your own personalized birthday song and having it played at your birthday party? Pretty cool, right?

Just imagine your special guests gathering around and singing a song made especially for you, instead of the excessively overused “Happy Birthday” tune. Okay, so maybe you’re thinking “I don’t know how to write anything, let alone a personalized song. Well, that’s where we come in. Bring My Song To Life will help you create something truly amazing.

Customized Birthday Song From Bring My Song To Life

Bring My Song To Life specializes in composing unique and customized songs suitable for all types of events and occasions. The list includes your anniversary, family holiday events, and yes, to add hype to your birthday party. What’s more, a personalized song saves you from wasting time hunting down ideas for the after-party giveaway. Simply make multiple copies of your professionally produced birthday song and hand them out to your guests. Now, every time they play your song, they will be reminded of how amazing your birthday party was.

Want another great idea? You could have Bring My Song To Life compose a personalized birthday song for you annually, basing the lyrics on how your life has unfolded during the course of each year. As you get older, you can listen to these songs telling the story of your life, as well as a reminder of your spectacular birthday celebrations.

Now that you know what’s possible, you might be wondering how all this works. The Bring My Song To Life Team creates your song masterpieces from scratch. We turn your stories into lyrics and come up with beautiful melodies that leave listeners in awe. With Bring My Song To Life, you also get to create your own personal story page, where you can list all your songs created by us. You can play and share your customized songs from this server for as long as you want.

How about song quality? Depending on the package you choose, the overall quality of your personalized song may differ slightly. At the moment, you can pick from three different packages. The $99 option gets you one instrumental and vocals. The second package includes three instruments and vocals and is priced at $199. Finally, you can have five instruments and vocals on your song for the third package, which costs $499. All options come with fully customized lyrics and music that does not consist of pre-recorded samples.

Ready to have Bring My Song To Life compose your own personalized birthday song? Make this year’s birthday celebration the most memorable yet, and for the coming years as well.

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