Different Ways People Celebrate Birthdays Around The World

There are many ways in which people celebrate their birthdays.

The first thing that comes to most people's mind when thinking of a birthday in the U.S. is the cake. But elsewhere, it's not necessarily cake. For people who live in other countries cake is not part of their birthday celebration.

South Korea’s birthday and Seaweed Soup

Hearty seaweed soup is what people expect in South Korea. This is the soup that will be served to the birthday boy or girl as part of their breakfast. Apparently, the soup is the best way to replenish nutrients that were lost over the past year. The soup is nutritious, healthy, and delicious as well. How about swapping your birthday cake for a Seaweed Soup next time?

Personalized Pie in Russia

You may be thinking about a personalized birthday song for your loved one, but in Russia, people offer personalized pies. So, if you celebrate your next birthday in Russia, do not expect a cake on your table because, most likely, you will receive a homemade pie. The pie will usually come with a personalized birthday message, carved on the dough. These birthday pies are sometimes savory and sometimes sweet.

Longevity Noodles and Chinese Birthday

Essentially, this is a chicken and egg broth, served with noodles. Legend has it, this dish promotes health, wealth and longevity for the birthday kid.

Fairy Bread and Australian Birthday

There is probably an interesting explanation why they call this birthday bread, fairy bread. This bread is very simple to make but nevertheless, delicious. This is one of the heavenly treats that you should try if you travel to Australia. The best part is, you can make a lot of variations of this bread and serve it as personalized birthday gift for your loved one.

The Netherlands and birthday Taarties

Taarties are little pastries, filled with fruits. You can use a wide variety of fruits and serve it with fresh whipped cream. If the birthday is a special one (20, 30, etc.) or how the dutch call it, a crown year, then you are served pancakes as well along with Taarties.

Final Thoughts

These are some of the traditions or ways through which birthdays are celebrated in different countries. Irrespective of how you celebrate birthdays, one thing in common is, the birthday boy or girl will receive unique gifts on their birthday.

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