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The Story

The first step is to share your story. What is the occasion? Who is the song for? Do you have any special memories? What kind of reaction are you hoping for? Simply write it in the order form. The more details you can give us, the better. And don't worry, you don't have to know anything about songwriting or composing music. That's what our pros are here for!

The Making

The second step is all about writing your lyrics. The first draft of your lyrics can be sent to you by email. You can review them, give your stamp of approval, or make any suggestions or edits before we start working on the customized music. We, at Bring My Song To Life, want to make sure we tell your story right!

The Completion

The third step is the song recording. Congratulations, you've made it to the song creation process! By now, our talented musicians are hard at work composing the music. Once the song is complete, we'll send it straight to you, and the happy tears can start flowing! Go to the page "Order & Pricing" to start.

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Why, How, How Much to Create Personalized Happy Birthday Songs Made Easy

Every day, thousands or even millions of celebrants are serenaded with the traditional “Happy Birthday To You” anthem. While the popular tune is still very much appreciated by recipients, recording a personalized birthday song can help make your loved one’s happy day even more special.How do you go about creating a personalized happy birthday song? What is the process and is it possible for you to accomplish if you don’t know anything about songwriting or making music? And how much will it cost? Read on for answers to these questions and more, so you can know what to do to make a loved one’s upcoming birthday one they won’t forget anytime soon. First, let’s talk about the “why.”

Why Create a Personalized Birthday Song?

Personalization is a beautiful thing. Whether it is a piece of jewelry with your name spelled out or a mug with your initials, getting a gift that specifically references you always leads to a warmer than usual feeling. It lets you know the gift giver put just a bit more thought into getting you something for your special day or occasion. The same thing applies when you have a birthday song made especially for someone dear to you. At the very least, they will be surprised, since they will have no idea until they hear it for the first time on the day they are celebrating. At the most, they will be thoroughly impressed and overcome with emotion at the fact that you went out of your way to create a totally unique song to commemorate their birthday. What’s more, you don’t have to worry about performing the song if you have no singing talent. With a personalized happy birthday song, you can just include the recipient’s name in the lyrics, so when you play it for them, it will be very clear who the song is about and what special message you are trying to convey.

How To Create a Personalized Happy Birthday Song?

Having a custom birthday song made for your spouse, family member or friend is not as difficult as you probably imagined it to be. In fact, it is quite simple to accomplish when you choose Bring My Song To Life (BMSTL). As one of the newer companies on the block offering personalized music services, Bring My Song To Life allows anyone to easily create personalized happy birthday songs created from scratch. The process involves, first of all, thinking of someone for who you would like to create the song. Who is that person and what does he or she mean to you? What are the best attributes they have that you like and do you have great memories you think would be great to mention in the song’s lyrics? All you need to do is give BMSTL all these details and explain the kind of birthday song you have in mind. Once that is done, the team at Bring My Song To Life will be happy to do the rest, including writing the lyrics and creating the appropriate music composition.

How Much Does It Cost For a Personalized Birthday Song? 

In all honesty, music production is often an expensive endeavor. It can cost anywhere between $500 to more than $5,000 to record a single song, depending on what you want to achieve. With Bring My Song To Life, however, you can have a high-quality, personalized happy birthday song done for as little as $49. To top it off, you will be able to review the lyrics and listen to the finished song and sign off as to whether it sounds good enough for your special someone. So, you actually have a say in the whole process. Now that you know how to create personalized birthday songs, there is no reason to keep relying on the time-worn traditional birthday tune when celebrating the birth of your loved ones. Simply leave it to the experts at Bring My Song To Life.


Examples of Nice & Simple Productions

The below examples will give you a better understanding of what a one instrument + lead vocal song would sound like.

Our professional musicians write the finest personalized music for your celebratory event. Choose Best Seller to create a really “wow” moment with a beautifully-crafted custom song that tells your own memories or your loved-ones story.