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How Bring My Song To Life Works

Simple as 1,2,3

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Step 1

The Story

The first step is to share your story (in the order form, after choosing one of the 3 packages). What is the occasion? Who is the song for? Do you have special memories? What kind of reaction are you hoping for? The more details you can give us, the better. Don't worry, you don't have to know anything about songwriting or composing music. That's what our pros are here for!

Step 2

The Making

After we receive your information (once step 1 is completed), we will get to work and write your lyrics. The first draft of your lyrics will be sent to you by email. You can review them, give your stamp of approval, or make any suggestions or edits before we start working on the customized music. We, at Bring My Song To Life, want to make sure we tell your story right!

Step 3

The Completion

The lyrics have been approved by you, and our musicians are now composing the music. You can let us know if you want a specific style, genre or if you just want us to choose for you. Finally, the song will be sent to you for review. And once you are 100% happy with the outcome, we will send you the final version of your personalized gift! Ready to start? Go to the page "Order & Pricing".


About Us

Bring My Song To Life was conceptualized as a solution to help people looking for creative and unique gifts. Whether you are celebrating someone’s birthday, an anniversary, wedding day, a beautiful friendship, graduation, Mother’s/Father’s Day or just as a show of appreciation, we will help you bring to life the perfect song to say exactly how you feel. Don’t miss out on the chance to create a really “wow” moment for somebody special.



"I just got the best-personalized song gift! I didn’t think my boyfriend was the type to give such a romantic gift, but I was serenaded with the most touching presentation ever. I mean, I’ll always be grateful to receive any gift, but customised gifts are the best. And the song made by Bring My Song to Life trumps everything that I’ve ever received in my life. It was touching, the vocals were amazing, and everything was executed so nicely. I’m on cloud-9 and I had to know the company that was responsible for such a great gift."

"When my son was born, I wanted to capture that moment in a special way. Now, Derek can listen to his own song when old enough!"

"The team was so amazing to work with."


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