Ways To Add Personality To Your Gift Ideas

March 21, 2021 11:54 AM

Gift giving these days has become so impersonal that those who receive these gifts tend to put them on a side a day or two after receiving them. When the gifts that a person gets for a special occasion seems like something that you just randomly picked out at the last minute, it loses its magic.

Why not add some personality to the gifts you give by thinking outside the box and coming up with custom presents that show you’ve actually put some thought into it? For a gift to truly come across as something that you put some effort into, you should consider some of these ideas for customized gifts.

Ideas for Customized Gifts That Exude Personality

Engraved copper items: Whether you choose to give copper napkin holders, copper mugs, or copper cigarette cases as gifts, having these engraved with a message or a name will make it more personal. One thing you can do is to have their nickname engraved on the item. You can also choose to have their zodiac sign added to it. Want to add more personality to your copper gift? How about having their favorite phrase engraved on it?

Framed mementos: To show a person that you truly value them, why not gift them with something that you kept as a token of their friendship or of the relationship? An old coaster where they wrote their number on or that photo booth picture you both had taken the first time you hung out are good examples of this. The baby bracelet your child wore in the hospital after you gave birth to them along with one of their baby pictures can make a great sentimental gift for a wedding or 21st birthday.

Handmade items: Anything that shows you’ve put a lot of effort into making will come across as a gift with heart. Knitting a throw or embroidering an apron on your own will tell a person that you allocated time to create them something from your own hands. Crafted items like a hand-carved bowl or pottery that you learned to create for them will always be appreciated even if these don’t look as refined as you want them to.

Picture collage: This is another customized gift that is sure to bring back great memories of days gone by. Pick out some of your best pictures together and put them in an artistic order on an illustration board before putting it in a picture frame. You don’t have to create a custom picture frame for this, although it will show some extra effort was made if you do.

Have a song made out of your story: One of the most unique gifts you can give someone you love is a song that talks about your relationship or friendship. Write down how you met and have the story set to music to create a personalized song gift that is sure to be unlike any other gift they receive. You can also write a poem about how you feel and have these crafted into a song. These are just some gift ideas that are sure to show that you care a lot about the recipient. These are definitely not the same as any other gift they will get from anyone else and will be greatly appreciated and treasured for years to come.

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