Why You Should Create a Long-Distance Gift Song

March 4, 2021 9:39 AM

Why Get A Long-Distance Gift Song?

Sure, there are plenty of popular songs already on the market that can be sent as a long-distance gift song. You could simply download one from iTunes or play directly from your playlist, and the recipient will obviously appreciate the sweet gesture. However, when you create a personalized long-distance song, it makes the gift special on a different level. For starters, it symbolizes you took the time to create something that truly represents the spirit of the union. A custom-made long-distance song will likely contain lyrics that refer specifically to you as a couple. Besides, it will forever be tied to the milestone you are celebrating, making it memorable for more reasons than one. What’s more, you can create new long-distance songs every year. Music is a timeless gift that is always welcome, especially if the receiver is also a music lover, so a custom song is the best long-distance gift that you can give for any occasion.

Where To Create Your Custom Long-Distance Song?

If you are wondering how to go about having a song professionally made, then it is actually not difficult. Bring My Song To Life (BMSTL) was conceived for that exact purpose. The company specializes in making personalized songs for a variety of special occasions, including long-distance relationships. It is made up of a team of professional musicians, including songwriters, vocalists, and instrumentalists, who have the know-how to deliver stunning songs. With that said, you don’t need to have songwriting skills or any musical talent at all if you want to give the gift of a long-distance song. All you need is an idea of the type of song you want to create, an overview of the couple who are celebrating and their love story, the impression you want the song to give when played, and any other important details you think would be useful. You’ll also need to let the Bring My Song To Life team know what genre and style you want the song to be in. In return, you will get a complete, fully-produced song that can be played anywhere and at anytime.

How Expensive Is a Custom Long-Distance Song?

If you are in the music business, you will know that music production can cost a pretty penny, even for basic recordings. In fact, it can cost up to several thousand dollars to create a single song. While a good long-distance gift song is priceless for the joyous effect it can have on the occasion, it need not be pricey. That is why at Bring My Song To Life, you can get a complete song for as little as $99. One more thing, creating a custom long-distance song is not only just for wedding anniversaries. You can also use BMSTL to go this route and create a personalized song for dating, friend-versaries, promotion anniversaries, and any other important milestones you want to commemorate. The gift of song is the ultimate and best long-distance gift you can give. And with Bring My Song To Life on your side, you don’t ever have to settle for boring or unimaginative long-distance gift choices ever again.

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