12 Stunning Anniversary Gift Ideas To Celebrate Your Better Half

March 23, 2021 11:19 AM

Your wedding anniversary is around the corner, and you’re so excited about it. Congratulations! But there’s just one tad problem to think about - you haven’t thought of what gift to give to your better half. And if you’re not the type of person who loves buying presents for special occasions than that’s a bummer.

However, buying anniversary gifts shouldn’t trouble you since you’re doing it for someone you love. What you need to worry about, though, is choosing the best present to give. With the many beautiful choices available, it is going to take some time to pick THE ONE. No worries. Trimming down the possible options, here’s a list of 12 stunning anniversary gift ideas for your significant other.

List of 12 Stunning Anniversary Gifts for Your Better Half

1. Kissing Couple Mugs

Mugs are a common anniversary gift, but you can upgrade them by having a unique design. One trendsetting style is a set of kissing couple mugs, which have human-shaped faces interlocking in a kiss. You can customize it with two complementary colors like red and white or blue and pink. They are microwavable and come with two matching spoons.

2. Collage Picture Frame

If your partner wants to keep memories of your special day in more than one photo, then you can gift him or her with a collage picture frame. This anniversary gift idea can give your visitors a glimpse of your love story through a series of photos. The attached frames come in different shapes and sizes, and there can also be words attached to them.

3. Pearl Pendant

This is a luxurious anniversary gift option for your wife. It’s going to cost a little higher than the usual anniversary presents, but a pearl pendant lasts forever. There are simple yet elegant designs, and there are customized styles as well. Since it’s a jewelry, a pearl pendant can even serve as a family heirloom, passing it to your daughter and granddaughter.

4. Engraved Pocket Watch

For husbands who need to be reminded about quality time, an engraved pocket watch will surely do the thing. Wristwatches are common items, but a customized, old-fashioned yet classic watch exudes a more personalized touch. You have the option to engrave the words like “TILL THE END OF TIME (anniversary date)” or “ALWAYS AND FOREVER”. This way every time he looks at the watch, he will remember you.

5. Split Heart Keychain

Another trendy twist to a simple wedding gift is a split heart keychain. You usually see this design on necklaces, but keychains are customizable to different kinds of styles, including a split heart. You can engrave each side of the heart with your name and your partner’s name on the other. This wedding gift idea will serve as a constant reminder of your bond and love.

6. Personalized Couple Hobby Blanket

This is probably one of the best anniversary gift ideas for couples who love to cuddle. A couple hobby blanket is not an ordinary piece of cloth. It is personalized with designs that represent you and your partner, as well as your love story.

7. Cheese and Crackers Serving Board

Wouldn’t this be an exciting gift? A cheese and crackers serving board is a cool choice for partners who love to munch on snacks. This serving board as a gift will allow them to organize their biscuits, crackers, cheeses, and small fruits in a fashionable way.

8. Decision Spinner

Have you heard of this? A decision spinner is almost similar to a Magic 8-Ball - it helps you decide when you don’t know what to do. The major difference is its form. The decision spinner looks like a fidget spinner, and you can see the “decisions” on the surfaces. So, if you have an indecisive significant other, then this wedding gift is a winner.

9. Photo Puzzle

This is a nice wedding gift for partners who love to solve puzzles. You can turn your favorite photo of you and your spouse into a set of puzzle pieces. Your husband or wife will not only be happy to open it, but they will also be excited to see the surprise after completing the puzzle game.

10. Couple's Keepsake Library

Does your better half love to keep memorabilia every time you do something special? If so, gift them with a keepsake library, which is bigger than a keepsake box. Of course, some things are meant to be kept, and this wedding present is just perfect for spouses who have so many mementos to keep. It has several compartments for your loved one’s keepsakes.

11. Wooden Beverage Cooler

Are you a couple who loves to drink fancy? If you are, then a wooden beverage cooler is an elegant wedding anniversary gift. It is made of wood, which gives off that classic vibe and looks so grand. But at the same time, this beverage cooler is sturdy enough to last a long time. A wooden cooler should definitely be one of your top choices to consider.

12. Engraved Rock

If you want to make sure that your feelings are never forgotten, then engrave them on a polished rock. You can engrave those strong feelings in a poem, a song, or any literary piece that your spouse will always remember. This is small and portable, so your spouse can carry the rock wherever he or she goes.

13. A Personalized Song

We kept the most special anniversary gift idea for the end. A personalized song about the two of you. With Bring My Song To Life, you can tell your unique love story through a song. It is easy, only takes a few minutes and certainly will leave your better half in awe. Check out how to make the perfect anniversary gift.

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