Music Present for Someone Who Likes Music

Martin Luther once said, “Music is the art of the prophets and the gift of God”. This beautiful gift is loved by many around the world. In fact, there are different kinds of music lovers, with different tastes in music. And I’m sure most of us have at least that one friend or family member that absolutely lives, breathes, and loves music! So, if you are in search of a gift for a music lover then you are at just the right place!

For music lovers, the perfect gift would be something that helps them enjoy their love for music even more or something that shows off their love for music. Also, there are only so many pairs of headphones and vintage vinyl that they can have. So, here is a gift guide that has some of the best and unique present ideas for all the music lovers in your life. Continue to read "Music Present for Someone Who Likes Music".

List of Best Music Presents for Someone Who Likes Music

  1. Custom Song Wall Sculpture

Get an incredible wall art as gift for a music lover with the Custom Song Wall Sculpture. You can choose either just a snippet or a whole song of their favourite artist, which is then designed in the form of a sound wave. It is made of reclaimed wood and looks just classy.

  1. Personalized Mix Tape Doormat

A quirky yet creative gift option for that friend who likes music. Everyone loved a mixed tape during the heydays! And what better way to relive this nostalgic memory then to get your friend a personalized mix tape doormat! A perfect choice for a music lover to welcome guests at home, right? You can even add a personal touch by customizing it with your friend’s name.

  1. Mistaken Lyrics Coaster

Everyone has a friend that gets his/her lyrics wrong every time or maybe most of the time. And what better way to remind them of their mistakes then with this set of Mistaken Lyrics Coaster. A perfectly funny and creative gift for a music lover. These coasters also make a handy addition for any dinner table.

  1. Record Covers Coffee Table Book

Record covers are every music lovers prized possession. Just like the music, record covers are work of art and some have even become as famous as the music they were made for. For music lovers, record covers are an expression and most people associate it with a particular period in their life. So, clearly the Record Covers Coffee Table Book will be just about the perfect gift you can get for a music lover.

  1. Mixtape Glasses

So your friend loves listening to music with their favourite drink along with it? Then we have just the right gift for them - the MixtapeGlasses. These glasses will make a great gift option for anyone who loves music. With a retro look, these are just right for that karaoke night with friends!

  1. Vintage Record Bottle Opener

Another gift for that musical friend who also loves his/her drink. A handy bottle opener that is designed as a vintage record. Sounds perfect, right? A mix of both worlds! This Vintage Record Bottle Opener will make a classy addition to their home decor.

  1. Record Wall Clock

If you are looking for a vintage gift then the Record Wall Clock will be the right choice. This wall clock is made from a real vinyl record and has an artistically crafted, music-themed clock design that is sure to be an instant hit. What can be better than adding a musical-themed décor to a music lover’s house.

  1. Guitar String Art

Another wall art that will make a thoughtful and perfect gift for any guitar lover. The Guitar String Art will be a perfect reminder of how much your friend loves music and playing their strings. It will look just right at home or office. A beautiful, handcrafted dual guitar string art that has a rustic appeal.

  1. Eye Mask Sleep Headphones

If your friend is someone who can’t fall asleep without listening to their favourite artist or playlist then the Eye Mask Sleep Headphones are just what you need to get them. Made from memory foam that is super soft and with a silk lining, these headphones are just what they need for their sweet dreams. It comes with built-in headphones that can play music wirelessly, so they can say goodbye to those annoying earbuds that keep falling out!

  1. Customised Song

What can be a better gift than a personalized song for someone who loves music, right? But you might think that yes, your friend loves music but you have absolutely no knowledge about music, composing or writing songs. So how can you create a customised song for them?That’s where we, Bring My Song To Life, can help you out. If you wish to create a personalized song for your friend or loved one who loves music than all you need to do is tell us something about them. It can be their favourite artist, their favourite track, or a story of what made them fall in love with music, and we will take care of the rest.

We have the best professional musicians and years of experience in this field to help you create a beautiful, personalized song for any occasion. So, if you are looking for something unique and thoughtful to gift then head over to our Order & Pricing page for more details.

We hope that this article "Music Present for Someone Who Likes Music" will help you find that creative, thoughtful and personal gift for that audiophile in your life.

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