Five Best Long-Distance Relationship Gift Ideas

It is said that absence makes the heart grow fonder… But I’m sure the absence for couples in a long-distance relationship is really hard. Yes, you can say that there is technology to help these days, with video calls, skype sessions, and chats, but these are not the same as a warm hug from your partner or a holiday lunch together.

The distance becomes even more difficult to deal with around birthdays, anniversaries and holidays. Who doesn’t want to be with their love done on special occasions, right?! For some couples, however this is not always a possibility. So, what do you do to make each other feel special when you are miles away? It’s simple, get them gift! You can make the separation a little more bearable with some creative, romantic, and unique gifts that you can send to your partner.

But we understand that finding that perfect gift is no easy task. We went ahead and made a list of 5 of the best long-distance relationship gift ideas. So, what are waiting for? Go ahead and warm your partner’s heart even if you are miles apart with these adorable gift options.

Best Long-Distance Relationship Gift Ideas:

  1. Personalized Song:

What can be better than a custom-made song that speaks about your love? A perfect way to tell your partner how much you love and miss them.

We, at Bring My Song To Life help you do just that. With the best professional musicians we help you capture the essence of your story into a beautiful song. You need not be a singer, musician, composer or writer. All you need to do is tell us your story, a special memory, or the kind of reaction you are hoping for and then leave the rest to us.

So, go ahead and think about how you are going to surprise your partner with this beautiful custom-made gift!

  1. Digital Custom-Made Long-Distance Map Print:

A romantic, creative, and quirky gift option! Get your partner a custom map that pinpoints to your two locations along with the latitudes and longitudes. It even shows a flight path that is looped as a heart! How adorable is that?!

All you need to do is get this map printed on a frame of your choice with a special message for your partner. A perfect reminder of your reality but yet a sweet way of letting your partner how much you love them.

  1. Bottle Capsule Letters:

In the digital era of instant messages, how about an adorable love note in a capsule? Romantic, right? Get the bottle capsule letters for your partner that comes with 50 message capsules. Write-up 50 different secret love notes in the little colorful papers inside the capsule to warm up their heart.

You can turn this gift into a little game and make your partner open an ote every day. This way they have something to look forward to every morning! A small yet perfectly romantic gift that will surely bring a smile on your loved one’s face every time they open a note. So go ahead, be creative, funny, and romantic with these adorable bottle capsule letters!

  1. I Miss Your Face Candle:

Get your partner a funny yet loved up gift with the “I Miss Your Face” candle. A perfect way to tell them how much you miss them!

This beautiful candle comes in a glass jar with a “I Miss Your Face!”message on the front. You can in fact even personalize it and add a romantic message on the back of the candle. It is perfect for that bedside table or work desk. This lovely candle makes just the right gift for any couple in a long-distance relationship!

  1. Hug This Pillow:

Who doesn’t love warm hugs, right? Especially if the hug is from your loved one! But couples in a long-distance relationship are not so lucky when it comes to hugging each other every day. Fret not! We have the perfect gift for this problem.

Get your partner this quirky pillowcase that comes with the message “HugThis Pillow Until You Can Hug Me”. A soft and snuggly gift with a lovely message. We are sure this pillowcase will bring a smile on your partner’s face and they can just snuggle-up every night with it thinking about you!

We hope that the above list helps you choose the perfect gift for your long-distance partner. If you still need some inspiration then you can head over to our other blog (Our Recommendation for Long-Distance Relationship Gift Ideas) that has some more romantic gift ideas.

And if you choose to get a personalized song from Bring My Song To Life like we mentioned above, then simply head over to for more details. Happy Gifting!

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