International Kissing Day: We Have Gift Suggestions

Apart from kissing, what else did you do for your spouse or loved ones on the last International Kissing Day? For those of you who may have never heard of it, IKD or World Kissing Day is an unofficial holiday that highlights the action of kissing – between lovers, children and their parents, or even between friends. It is celebrated on July 6 and involves lots of smooching, from passionate mouth-to-mouths between lovers to cordial cheek pecks and forehead presses between family members and associates.

But the day has evolved to be more than just tongue and lip action. Many celebrants have also used the day as an opportunity to give kissing-related gifts to show just how much the special people in their lives mean to them (and why they are so kissable). With the next International Kissing Day some distance away, you have quite a bit of time to start looking for the perfect gift to surprise your loved one. Just in case you are short on ideas, for this International Kissing Day, we have a few gift suggestions.

Note: most of these ideas are geared towards spouses and people who are dating.

  • Order roses

The rose flower is the ultimate expression of romantic love. Ordering roses for a significant other or object of your affection – whether a single stem or a plush bunch will instantly bring butterflies to their stomach and likely induce kisses. Nowadays, you don’t even have to go into a flower shop, you can order fresh roses from online florists and gift shops, and have the package delivered. Add a personal touch by attaching a cute little note expressing how much you are looking forward to the next kiss.

  • Plan a romantic dinner

Dinners may seem cliché, but they are still among the most romantic gestures you can plan for your spouse for International Kissing Day. To make it extra special, you can set reservations for a new eatery he or she have been wanting to try out or a restaurant you both like where you went to on your first date (and possibly fell in love). Let the staff know ahead of time what you have planned, so they can set the perfect scene to make it an unforgettable event, and one that leads to plenty of kisses.

  • Give a red-lips pillow or cushion

International Kissing Day is not only about the date, it’s also about reminding you to kiss all year round. And what better way to prompt lip-play than to have common items around the home that serve as reminders. A red-lips pillow or cushion is ideal to be placed on the bed, couch, or lounge area. In addition to helping to initiate kisses around the home, they can also brighten your interior décor.

  • Create a kissing song

There are many beautiful songs dedicated to the act of kissing. But how many of them are especially addressed to the love of your life? None, right? With Bring My Song To Life (BMSTL), you can have your very own customized kissing song for the person you share lips with. And you don’t need to have any songwriting or musical ability to get it done. You only need to provide the BMSTL team with the idea you want your kissing song to put forward, and they will get it done for you. Not only will your completed song be a great way to spice up International Kissing Day, it will be the perfect soundtrack for numerous kissing days to come.

  • Get lip-shaped chocolates and other treats

Everyone loves a sweet treat from time to time. Like roses, chocolates and candy are great ways to express your affection, especially on as mooch-y day like International Kissing Day. Gift suggestions in this category include various sweet tooth options that are made in the shape of lips. Getting your spouse a box of lip-shaped chocolates sweetens the palate and encourages unforgettable kissing sessions.

There you have it. With these five International Kissing Day gift suggestions, you can start planning the perfect kissing experience. Enjoy!

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