Which are Mother's Day Dates Around The World?

March 29, 2021 9:12 AM

Breakfast in bed, heartfelt cards, delicious chocolates, and beautiful flowers are all synonyms with the second Sunday of May – Mother’s Day! Celebrated as a national holiday in the US since a century ago, this is a special day in honor of mothers. But unlike other American holidays, Mother’s Day is not just celebrated in the U.S. Many countries, celebrate Mother’s Day in their own special or religious way. While some countries have merely imported the American holiday, many others have their own day of celebration.

Here are some countries that honor mothers in their own way!

Mother’s Day Dates Around The World

  1. China

Celebrated On: Second Sunday of May

While China is relatively new to this holiday, it celebrates Mother’s Day on the same day as the U.S. It celebrates this holiday with gifts and festivities along with traditions of filial piety (a traditional Chinese Buddhist virtue of respecting one’s parents, elders, and ancestors).

  1. U.K.

Celebrated On: Fourth Sunday of Lent

U.K was much ahead of the U.S. when it came to honoring mothers. Back in the 16th century, the U.K celebrated Mothering Sunday on the fourth Sunday of Lent, when families came together and attended church.However, over a period of time, this holiday was evolved into a tradition of celebration at home, and then in the early 20th century, it was fused with the American holiday. But they retained the traditional name and date.  

  1. Canada

Celebrated On: Second Sunday of May

The northern neighbors of the USA, celebrate Mother’s Day along with the Americans. Canadians celebrate pretty much the same way as Americans, but take advantage of the slightly nicer weather around this time of the year to take their mothers out for brunches, picnics, or lunches.

  1. Mexico

Celebrated On: May 10 (irrespective of the day of the week)

Mexicans celebrate Mother’s Day on May 10 as an annual holiday. But unlike the American-version of the celebration of cards and flowers, the Mexicans celebrate with music, known as the Cue the mariachi music or Día de la Madre. Bands are hired and families come together where mothers request their favorite songs and dance the day away along with delicious food.

  1. Japan

Celebrated On: Second Sunday of May

Japan celebrates Mother’s Day along with the U.S. They usually celebrate this day by gifting their mother flowers.

  1. Russia

Celebrated On: Last Sunday of November

The former Soviet Union celebrated Mother’s Day on March 8, along withInternational Women’s Day. But in 1998, post-Soviet Russia declaredMother’s Day to be celebrated on the last Sunday of November.However, Russians still prefer giving gifts to their mothers inMarch.  

  1. Thailand

Celebrated On: August 12

This one is a dual holiday. Thailand celebrates August 12 to mark the birthday of Queen Sirikit as well as Mother’s Day. Jasmine is their go-to gift and this day is celebrated with parades and ceremonies.

  1. Egypt

Celebrated On: March 21

The first day of the Spring, March 21 is when Mother’s Day isc elebrated in Egypt. It's an unofficial national holiday and is celebrated with gifts.

  1. India

Celebrated On: Second Sunday of May

India is relatively new to Mother’s Day celebration and has adopted the U.S. holiday of the second Sunday of May. Just like the U.S., Indians shower their mothers with cards, flowers, chocolates, and gifts on this day.

  1. France

Celebrated On: Fourth Sunday of May

In 1950, France established Mother’s Day holiday on the fourth Sunday of May. However, in case it collides with Pentecost, then this holiday is pushed by a week. Apart from the date, the celebrations are very similar to the U.S.

  1. Poland

Celebrated On: May 26

Mother’s Day has a very traditional celebration in Poland. Celebrated on the 26th of May, schools in Poland host events where children gift their mother sheets of paper decorated by them with flowers and messages. This traditional gift is known as “laurki”. It is an official holiday in Poland.

  1. Australia

Celebrated On: Second Sunday of May

Australia celebrates Mother’s Day along with the U.S. Aussies traditionally gift their mother Chrysanthemums, which bloom during this season. They also prefer giving carnations to their mothers. Aussies whose mothers are living wear-colored carnations, and if their mother is deceased then they wear white carnations.

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