5 Unique Online Gifts for Men Who Have Everything

March 23, 2021 1:48 AM

Buying a gift for someone you care about can take a lot of time and careful thought. If that special someone happens to be a man who has everything, choosing the right gift can become infinitely harder. For starters, you will likely be faced with a dilemma of picking a gift that he will find useful but still appeals to his individual style. Will he want another gadget, new threads, game tickets, or expensive perfume? The possibilities are limited when it comes on to trying to find unique online gifts for a man who has it all. Luckily for you, we did a bit of digging and have come up with some ideas you can consider getting for men who have everything! Here are five unique online gifts you can consider if you are trying to impress a man with a refined taste.

   1. Beer Brewing Kit

   Like most men, he probably loves swigging a cold one from time to time. But he has probably never thought of making his own beer. With a craft beer home brewing kit, he can do just    that. Most sets come with everything needed to go from beer essentials to complete six packs. The Northern Brewer Beer Brewing Kit, for example, comes with all the ingredients and    hardware to make a full five gallon batch. Trust us, he will absolutely love it.

   2. A Guide for Knife Making

   A knife as a gift might seem less than thoughtful. After all, most men will have at least one knife. However, what about helping him learn how to make his own knives? This is the perfect    hobby starter for the sophisticated DIY guy who already has everything - except custom made knives. With knife making kits such as this one by Man Crates, he will have everything to    teach him the ancient art of making sharp cutting knives.

   3. Desktop Punching Bag

   If he is the office type, chances are he gets stressed out a lot at work. Yes, he might just have everything needed to help him unwind back at home. But while he is at work, he can have the    option to blow off some steam with a desktop mounted punching bag. This unique online gift should actually be a common thing; but alas, it’s not. So, there is a high chance that your    man friend will appreciate the thought you put into a punching bag he can have at hand when he is facing a bad day at work.

   4. Watermelon Keg Tap

   You have probably seen those cool videos on Facebook or YouTube where the guy makes an incision in a large watermelon, swishes around the contents, and adds a tap for a party-    hearty juice fest. Now your guy will be able to take this viral craze a bit further with a unique online gift that allows him to turn any large watermelon into a drink dispenser. With a cool    watermelon keg tap, he can create a conversation starter at his next home based party or backyard barbecue. This one from Final Touch makes it easy for him to get set up with his very    own watermelon keg in close to no time at all.

   5. Customized Song

   No matter how macho he seems, every man loves a good song. Yes, he can listen to any old pop song from his Spotify or Apple Music account. But a personalized song created around    something significant in his life is just about the most unique online gifts you can get him. Guaranteed to catch him totally off guard - who knows, you may even get to see him shed a    tear. Bring My Song To Life is the company behind this novel idea, giving you the chance to write and record a fully professional, unique customized song from scratch. And the best    part is, you don’t need to have any songwriting skills. You can make a song for any special event in his life, including his next birthday, anniversary, or just to remind him how much he    means to you.

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