Alternatives to in Canada and in the United States

Who doesn’t love the adorable looking baby and kids shoes from Donsje? They are all things cute, fluffy and comfy – exactly what your kids need. Donsje specializes in designing clothes, shoes, and accessories for babies and children. The best thing about their shoes is that they are handmade! With warm spring colors, pastels, cute animal prints and amazing-looking winter boots, Donsje is extremely popular with parents and kids alike!

But if you are looking for alternatives to Donsje in the Canada and in the United States, then this blog is for you. Because we understand that it’s not always possible to get your hands on Donsje’s exclusive collection. So, here are some alternatives for Donsje that are equally adorable and lovely.

Alternatives to Donsje in the United States

  1. Rylee and Cru

Founded by Kelli Murray, Rylee and Cru, creates gorgeous pieces of clothing for the modern children and mom. A perfect merge of art and imagination, their clothes are soft with muted, warm colors and timeless traits.

Rylee and Cru meticulously source their fabrics and materials to make them comfortable as well as ensuring effortless dressing. What’s more? All the clothes are hand dyed for that cosy vintage feeling and shaped to suit baby’s shapes so that they are uber comfortable.

They recently launched their new collection, the enchanted forest - a beautiful collection inspired by extraordinary imagination like running through the forest, magic of the enchanted forest and trees of wonder. A perfect wonderland collection for children to explore the world and its beauties!

  1. Cherubin Shoes

If you are looking for some bold styles and vibrant colors for your child, then Cherubin Shoes are what you need. Handmade using 100% genuine American leather, their shoes are comfortable and certified safe for infants and children.

With unique, artisan-made mary janes, baby moccs, and T-straps, Cherubin shoes are perfect for your little one to make a fashion statement!

They have everything from traditional fringes, no-slip suede sole, black leather mary janes to classic seams. It doesn’t matter which pair you choose; each one has a unique pattern made just for your little one!

  1. BirdRock Baby

This one was started by a mother who struggled to find quality, affordable shoes for her little one. BirdRock Baby started off by making genuine leather baby moccasins, but now have an adorable range of organic cotton clothing as well. What sets them apart from the rest of the brands is their products are guaranteed to last a lifetime!! Amazing, right? Their products are a lovely combination of elegance and value for money. The moccasins are designed especially for baby feet, while their organic cotton clothing is GOTS certified. Comfortable, easy to wear, and perfect for babies and toddlers.

Also, BirdRock Baby donates food to a child in need for every time sold. So basically, every time you purchase a product from BirdRock Baby, you help feed a child in need. Awesome, right?

Alternatives to Donsje in Canada

  1. Mini Mioche

Mini Mioche specializes in basics for children. But what makes their basics the best is, they are made using the softest organic cotton. The clothes are simple, timeless and comfy unisex styles with a wide range of colors. They knit, cut, sew, and dye all their clothes in Canada – basically a start to finish brand in Canada. Their range includes clothing starting from babies to young adults.

Asa parent, if you are concerned about sustainability and are always on the lookout for eco-friendly products, then Mini Mioche is definitely what you are looking for. All the clothes are not just organic but made using sustainable fabrics and low-impact, non-toxic dyes. And the icing on the cake is its ethically and locally made in Canada!

  1. Heyfolks

What started as a simple desire to make custom, ‘made-with-love’ giftsto babies of friends and family, turned into a huge company that makes the most adorable and comfortable soft-sole shoes. Exclusively manufactured in Canada, Heyfolks specializes in soft-sole shoes for babies and children. But they also have a range of comfort clothing and shoes for the whole family.  

Heyfolks is a sustainable brand as well and use 100% recyclable material for their packaging. They even launched a new range of sneakers recently, which is made using recycled plastics. An ethically sourced brand that makes comfortable and adorable looking shoes and clothing for kids.

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