Best Long-Distance Gift Ideas

Long-distance relationships can be hard for anyone. It doesn't matter what stage your relationship is in, the distance and sometimes lack of communication can make things difficult. What makes the distance especially difficult are special occasions or holidays. Everyone wants to be with their loved one on special occasions, right? But it's not always possible to travel and be with your partner for every birthday, anniversary, or Christmas! And now, with the world reeling with Covid, traveling has become so much more difficult. Gone are the days when you could just pack your bags and hop on that plane to meet your loved one. So, what do you do when you are missing each other or want to show some love to your partner? Simply, send a gift!

A beautiful gift has the power to melt hearts and show how much you love someone. It can make the distance less painful and bearable until you meet again. But finding that perfectly thoughtful and creative gift is difficult. That’s exactly why we have made this list of the best and most thoughtful long-distance gifts out there. So, go ahead and show some love to your partner with these amazing gift ideas.

The Best Long-Distance Gift Ideas

  1. Customized Long-Distance Relationship Mugs

Sip your coffee together on virtual dates with these adorable Customized Long-Distance Relationship Mugs. Whether you live in different countries or cities, you can customize these mugs with the place where your heart belongs! It even shows a path that is looped as a heart! How adorable is that?! A perfect gift for all your virtual coffee dates!

  1. I Miss Your Face Candle

The warm glow and beautiful fragrance of a scented candle signify all things romantic. And when it comes with a special message, ‘I MissYour Face’, it just makes a perfect gift for anyone in along-distance relationship. This I Miss Your Face Candle is just the right gift to tell your partner how your love burns forever for them. Get this candle for your partner in your favorite fragrance so they can always come home to a fragrance that reminds them of you.

  1. Personalized and Customized Song:

Music has the power to melt hearts and make you fall in love. So, what can be a better way to express how much you love and miss your partner than through music? Tug at those heartstrings with a song created especially for them. There cannot be a better gift than a personalized song. Imagine their reaction, when sitting afar in a different city or country they listen to a song made especially for them! It is sure to make them feel loved and cherished.

If you are wondering that you don’t know how to write a song, or have any musical talent, then worry not. Just get in touch with us. At BringMy Song To Life, we specialize in creating beautiful songs for every occasion. All you have to do is tell us your story, any memories, or anything that you want to tell your partner, and we will capture the essence of everything in a song. We have some of the best musicians and professionals who can create a romantic and professionally-written song just for you! So go ahead and surprise your loved one with a song specially made for them!

  1. Wall Countdown Calender

What can be better than a gift that tells your partner you can’t wait to be reunited with them? The Wall Countdown Calendar is perfect for anyone who is in a long-distance relationship and just counting the days until you are in the same city together. It's easy to use andc omes with a 100 days countdown and the calendar fits right on the wall. An extra dramatic yet lovely way to start your morning by tearing off a sheet every day and counting down the days!

  1. Star Map of the Night You Met

Your partner will fall in love with you all over again when you gift them this Custom Star Map Digital Artwork. This artwork can be customized to show the stars in the sky of the night you guys met. A sweet way of reminding your partner about how glad you are that you met them. Also, since it’s a digital print, you can even send the digital version to your partner and you both can use it as a phone screen saver or wallpaper. Perfect, right?

  1. Love Box Messenger

A modern twist on the classic love note, the Love Box Messenger lets you send heartfelt messages to your loved ones anywhere in the world. This messenger can be easily connected to your smart phone using Wi-Fi and once it is connected you can send messages anywhere and anytime.

When you send a message, the heart on the front of the box will start spinning to notify your partner that they have a new message. It continues to spin until they lift the lid and read the love note on the cute little Love Box screen. And you even get notified when your loved one has read your message. What’s more? Your partner can even send you back some love by simply spinning the heart on the Love Box, which will send you a shower of hearts on your Love Box app! Simply adorable, isn’t it?

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