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Things People Didn’t Do 10 Years Ago But Now Do (Bring Your Song To Life?)

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August 16, 2023

Every day is a new day with something unique in our life. Technology and human nature go hand in hand when it comes to evolving themselves. Though we don’t notice the change daily, if we look back far, like a year or so, we notice that so many things are left behind. Besides, we can see that we are doing so many things now that we didn't even think about doing in the past. So, why not take a look back and explore things we didn’t do ten years ago but do now? 

Bringing Your Song To Life

Did you ever think that someone could  compose a song based on your story? Or, you can surprise your loved ones with a uniquely composed song, especially for them. Ten years ago, you would have seen youngsters singing their favorite artists or a classic song for their loved ones in their own voices just like in the movies! 

However, time is different now. In this era of technology and talent, you can easily hire a service to listen to your story and write and compose the song accordingly. You can express your love to your girlfriend, wife, or anyone you like with a beautiful song even if you don't know how to sing or write a song. With this custom song service, you can hire several talented music artists who can write the lyrics of a song after listening to your love story. Moreover, many musicians can compose lyrics according to their preferred genre. Who would have thought that you could have a custom song created for yourself or your loved one with a simple story?!

TiK Tok

Making reals over music and acting in dialogue was unimaginable ten years ago. However, it has become a trend this decade after Tik Tok came into being. People are making several reels and showing their creative skills, which usually goes viral due to people's appreciation. It is a great platform for people to showcase their talent to the world.


Snapchat was a sensation ten years ago until someone launched Instagram. The sole purpose of its creation was to share pictures and videos. You would be surprised that the Instagram fam daily shares about 95 million photos and videos. Instagram is the platform for selfie lovers and lifestyle influencers that have changed socializing 360°. 


Travelling has not been more accessible than it's now. Do you remember calling a cab using a smartphone application ten years back? You had to wait on the road and stop a cab while you are running late for work. You ended up wasting so much of  your precious time. Well, now you have Uber, which has modified the pick-and-drop service to ten levels so that you can call a cab to your doorstep with a single click of your smartphone. These pick-and-drop services like Uber have made traveling so easy and become a part of our everyday life. 


Playing internet games is not new for everyone. However, multiplayer gaming with people from around the world is something no one would have done ten years back. PUBG is a game where you can play live with many players while keeping your audio on. It's a virtual game that gives you an advanced 3D gaming experience so close to reality. 

Final Words

Change is inevitable, and modification is human nature. There are so many things that we used to do in the past but are uncommon now, and people hardly do them. Or some things we are doing now but get banned in the future. Similarly, there are so many things that didn't exist in the past and do now. Getting a song composed by a reputable service is a cute gesture and is possible now. So, bring your song to life to spread love, and share happiness in a new style with music close to your heart inspired by your story.