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It's funny what you are doing now may not be accepted later in life... example? Wearing a bandana.

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March 4, 2022

Have you ever thought that what you are doing or wearing today might be considered funny or not so cool a few years down the line? We are sure this thought has crossed your mind at some point of time in your life.

Every generation has things to share with the next about what they did, wore, or had back in their days. Things that are either not present now or are too old-fashioned. It’s human nature to evolve and move forward with the world.

We Evolve and Change With Time

Like today wearing a bandana is considered a style statement (if you pull it off well), but a few years down the line people might look at pictures and find this head accessory funny. When it comes to fashion, many things become outdated too soon. Until last year, bell-bottoms were considered old school and something that the current generation only saw celebrities wearing in the 70s or 80s. But they are back with a bang and are suddenly trendy and happening. Strange, isn’t it? Times change so quickly!

Imagine how your grandkids or future generation (who hopefully would never have to know or witness a pandemic) might react if we told them that there was a time when we all had to wear a face mask every time we stepped out of the house! It might sound funny to them and they might have a zillion questions about it for sure.

If you think about this, then there are many things that we do in our day-to-day life that would have seemed impossible a few years ago. Like video calls! Who would have thought video calls would be the savior for the world in these difficult times when you can’t meet your loved ones. With a touch of a button, you get to see your loved ones’ faces. At times when you can’t travel and be with your loved ones, video calls can be considered a luxury.

Technology has made a lot of things that seemed impossible actually possible. Say typewriters, how many amongst the current generation would have seen or used a typewriter. We are sure it’s safe to say none! But if you think about it, would computers be a reality without the invention of typewriters. While the current generation might find it an outdated machine and the sound it makes annoying, there are still people who consider a typewriter a beautiful machine that required amazing hand, eye and brain coordination. People still love the aesthetics and feel of a good old-fashioned typewriter!

But things are changing at a rapid pace and the world is moving forward every day. Technology and life are evolving and we evolve along with it and that’s evident in the way we live, eat and wear things. The next time you resonate with things from your parents’ era, just think back to how it might look like in a few years! So, yes what you may be doing right now may not be accepted later in life….