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Why Is The Baby Shark Song So Popular?

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August 16, 2023

Whether you are a parent or not we are sure you know the popular Baby Shark song. Everyone across the globe has heard this enormously popular and viral song. The baby shark song is the most-watched video in history, with more than 3 billion views on YouTube! Yes, 3 billion! It's just absolutely unbelievable. It even broke the Billboard 100 charts. 

It’s not just popular with the kids, even the adults love this song and can’t stop themselves from humming “Baby Shark, doo doo doo doo doo doo”. But what makes the baby shark song so popular? 

Yes, it is captivating and has really catchy repetitive lines, which gives it that earworm quality to get stuck in your head for hours. But that alone can’t be the reason why this song became so viral and popular across so many songs to become a worldwide phenomenon. 

Who Are The Creators Of The Baby Shark Song?


Baby Shark song is the brainchild of Pinkfong, a South Korean entertainment brand. It was Pinkfong’s version that started this viral craze first in Southeast Asia and then it moved worldwide.

The company has produced and created lots of content and has many songs on its YouTube channel. But nothing has become as big a hit as the Shark song. We are sure even the creators could not have predicted how huge this song is going to be.

What Made The Baby Shark Song A Phenomenon?

Marketing Success: How Baby Shark Became a Classic Kid's Song

Baby Shark has all the elements that make it a classic kid’s song. The creators got quite a few things right in terms of marketing it to the target demographic: children.

  • The melody is easy and nice to the ears
  • Repetitive which creates an earworm
  • Simple motions and dance
  • Colorful video with adorable animals

The four reasons are enough to make it a favorite with children and get them hooked on it. But apart from the children, the baby shark song has managed to rope in the adults as well. That’s because it is easy on the ears, short, and kinda catchy. 

Ask a parent who has to listen to the same song over and over again a million times and they will say that baby shark is a song that they can probably survive with. It is in fact pretty cute and upbeat, which makes it bearable even when you are listening to it for the 100th time the same day! It is a song that can be enjoyed by the entire family. 

But we have to thank YouTube for its popularity as well. Had this song been released before the YouTube era or when there was no online culture, then it wouldn’t have been as big a phenomenon as it is right now. It would probably have just been another children’s song.

The Science Behind Baby Shark Song’s Popularity

When it comes to music, there is a concept called earworm, which is basically that particular bit of the song that gets stuck in your head and your brain sings. 

Music cognition research suggests that earworms happen when music affects the brain’s motor cortex. When you listen to music, there is a lot of activity that happens in your brain and most of the time you don’t even know how involved you are with the music being played in the background. 

When there is a repetitive song like the baby shark song, it can easily create earworms from snippets of the song in our heads. That’s what makes us go back and listen to the song again and again.

So, scientifically as well it makes sense why the baby shark song is so popular. The repetitive upbeat lines create earworms, which makes not just the kids but also the adults go back and listen to it again and again. 

Final Words

Whether you are a fan or not, you have to accept the fact that the Baby Shark song kind of made history with how viral and popular it has become worldwide. It has all the right things that make a song - a catchy tune, upbeat lyrics, repetitive lines, and vibrant and colorful graphics. This and thanks to YouTube it became quite a sensation.

We are sure you are already humming the song right now, so, let’s do it out loud together!

Baby shark, doo doo doo doo doo doo
Baby shark, doo doo doo doo doo doo
Baby shark, doo doo doo doo doo doo
Baby shark!