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Our Newsletters So Far - Part 5

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November 15, 2023

A follow-up to our newsletters so far, this is the fifth edition. Once again here is a list of the newsletters we have shared recently. While some talk about life, some suggest gift ideas, some are inspiring and some are just things we love.

  1. Going Up The Ladder In Your Career

This newsletter is all about career, work life, professional networking, and most of all going up the ladder.

  1. Are You Enjoying Summer?

We love everything about summer and that's why the newsletter.

  1. Planning A House Party?

Whether you are planning to host a party for friends, colleagues, or family, this newsletter has the best games and playlist ideas to host a spectacular party.

  1. How Do You Preserve Memories?

Life is all about the memories we make and this newsletter will tell you how to preserve and make the most of those cherished memories.

  1. Looking For A Gift?

Buying a gift for anyone can be a tough task sometimes that's why we have listed some of the best gift ideas for you in this newsletter.

  1. There Is No Elevator To Success... You Have To Climb The Stairs

Success can have a different definition for each one of us. This newsletter talks about what success means and how to achieve it.

  1. What Makes You Smile?

A beautiful and fun newsletter that is here to make you smile!

  1. Let The Journey Begin

If you love traveling and adventures, then this newsletter is for you.

  1. Looking For A Birthday Gift?

Buying a birthday gift for a loved one or friend can be a difficult task year after year. That's why this newsletter is here to help you!

  1. It's Food O'Clock

This one is for all the foodies out there with the history of French cuisine and a deep dive into a favorite dessert - chocolates!

  1. In Which Direction Are Your Habits Currently Steering Your Life?

This newsletter deep dive into everyday habits that make or break our life.

  1. The Closest Thing To Magic? Childbirth!

Pregnancy and childbirth are magical times and that makes this newsletter a special one.

  1. Are You Getting Hitched Soon?

This newsletter holds ideas and tips for all those couples who are going to get married soon. From details about flowers to choosing the wedding music, we are here to help you.

  1. Lessons From The Princesses Bride: The Art Of Time Management

The power of time management is something that is discussed often and this newsletter deep dives into it with a fresh perspective.

  1. Making Headlines And Shaping Tomorrow

A newsletter sharing our success and achievements with you!

  1. Ready For Some Spooky Halloween Magic?

We can't miss sharing some Halloween deets, right?

  1. Show Off Your Romantic Side!

This newsletter is a guide to bringing out your romantic side!

  1. Initiate A Memorable Moment

Capture life's beautiful memories in a custom song with us! Find out how in this newsletter.

This is all we have for now but we share a newsletter with gift ideas, life inspiration and a whole lot of love every week with all our subscribed customers. If you haven't subscribed yet, then please do!