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Our Honest Recommendation: Three Children’s Books We Selected

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April 1, 2024

Dear Clients and Readers,

Today is a personal piece, from me, Mylène Besançon.

Before starting, I wanted to take the opportunity to thank my team that takes such amazing care of the content you read every week, especially Reema. The website has really grown over the years and so have the team members at Bring My Song To Life!

Now, as the title indicates, I’ll be discussing three children's books. I sometimes purchase children's books in anticipation of having kids one day. My favorite ones are carefully kept in a box (yes, for all these years!). This time around, I thought I would share with you my top picks of this year instead of keeping them all to myself. They are either brainy and lovely, informative or inspiring. 

Also, none of the books mentioned are sponsored. These are just my personal favorites from 2022. 

1. Good Pictures Bad Pictures Jr.: A Simple Plan to Protect Young Minds

All the useful opportunities the internet provides come with dangers too. Teach your children all about the latter with this informative book, Good Pictures Bad Pictures Jr., written by Kristen Jenson. The illustrations empower parents to communicate important messages to young kids in general and when they are accidentally exposed to inappropriate content online. The hidden camera picture game is smart in helping readers stay engaged throughout the book.

2. What If Everybody Did That? 

Spark a conversation about things that are done a certain way in the Western world with your little ones. Teach your kids in a child-friendly manner about how their thoughtless behavior can affect the people around them and themselves. From breaking important rules, throwing a simple soda can outside, or not cleaning up, this inspiring book takes everyday examples to educate them about why it is important for everyone to be mindful of their actions. 

3. Mon imagier des 1000 mots anglais/français. Un recueil de mots courants pour enrichir ton vocabulaire dans une 2e langue

If you are keen on teaching your child a new language early on, then this book makes an excellent choice. This ‘imagier’ uses everyday scenes and images to teach nouns, verbs, and common words in both English and French. I was drawn to it because I grew up in the French Riviera speaking French and then later learned English at school. I now converse in both languages in my professional and personal life. This is a great material to develop vocabulary, in my opinion.   

Have you read any of them? Will you add them to your children’s book list? Because I loved sharing this selection with you, I might share my personal favorite three books of the moment for grown-ups soon. 

Take care,

By Mylène Besançon. Mylène is the Co-founder and CEO of Bring My Song To Life (bringmysongtolife.com). Bring My Song To Life creates customized music for special occasions such as anniversaries, weddings, graduations, and other events. Because, memories come packed with a soundtrack! Mylène also works with Grammy award-winning musicians at Tunedly (tunedly.com). Tunedly, has produced thousands of successful tracks that have been pivotal in the music industry. Listeners and fans have the opportunity to vote for their favourite songs on the music-only focused discovery platform and make them chart-topping hits.

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