Our Favorite Baby Shower Games

September 28, 2021 12:09 AM

You have your cute baby pacifier cupcakes and an adorable baby-bum shaped or diaper cake ready! Now how do you manage to keep the party upbeat and fun for everyone? With some fun baby shower games that people actually want to play!!

Like every party, the best baby showers are the ones where the guests are enjoying and conversations are flowing and the time just flies by. To make this happen all you need are some good baby shower games that keep the guests on their feet and happy. That’s why we have made a list of some of the best baby shower games that includes everything from ice breaker games, funny games, traditional and even some unique ones to make your shower one that everyone will remember!

The 9 Best Baby Shower Games

1. Don’t Say, Baby

This one makes the perfect ice breaker game and is super fun. “Baby” is the taboo word here and you can start this game as soon as the guests enter. As you greet all the guests, hand them a clothespin to wear on their dress or shirt and tell everyone that they can’t say the word ‘baby’. Throughout the party, if they catch any other guest saying the word then they can steal that guest's clothespin! The guest who ends up with the most number of clothespins wins!

This game will make the guests speak to each other in innovative ways and make conversations funny and interesting.

What You Need: Clothespins

2. Diaper Changing Blindfolded

Can a baby shower be complete without a diaper game? NO!!

Get the guests to change the diaper of a baby doll blindfolded. This super fun game will make the guests laugh and show their diaper changing skills to everyone! To up the fun, switch the baby doll with a balloon and watch them struggle!

What You Need: Diapers and baby dolls

3. How Well Do You Know the Mom and Dad

This one will involve some prep. Before the shower make a list of some fun and quirky things the mommy and daddy-to-be have said or done. Then read them out loud and ask the guests to guess, who they think the phrase or thing is associated with. A fun way for guests to know more about the going to be parents and also for the parents to find out how well their friends know them!

What You Need: A list of things about the mom and dad

4. Decorating Diapers

One more diaper game but this time it is to make diaper changing fun for the parents to be.

Stack a bunch of diapers and ask the guests to come up with some fun and encouraging messages or even some drawings for the new parents. Some funny messages are sure to light up the parents during those late-night diaper changes!

What You Need: Diapers

5. Onesie or Bib Decoration

Let the guests bring out their creative side with this one. Set up a station for the guests and ask them to decorate the bibs or onesies for the parents to be. It could be anything, from messages, funny drawings, a sweet note or even some beautiful art.

In the end, the parents to be will have some beautiful and funny onesies or bibs for their little bundle of joy! A practical gift and fun creative activity for the guests.

What You Need: Baby safe fabric paint, glitter and some other decorative games

6. The Sock Hunt

If you are a mother or have spoken to one, you would know how they always manage to miss a sock! This baby shower game is all about finding the sock!

Divide the guests into 2 or 3 teams and keep some diaper bags ready with the usual things – diapers, snacks, clothes, toys and a sock. Ask the teams to search the bags and the first team to find the sock wins!

What You Need: Diaper bags, socks, and things to fill in the diaper bag

7. Name That Baby Song

This one is a fun and easy game especially for guests who don’t want to be overly active and just want to enjoy some good food and music.

Keep a playlist of baby songs ready and play one song at a time and ask the guests to guess the song. The guest with the most correct guesses wins! Easy-peasy right?

What You Need: Baby song playlist and pen and paper.

8. How Old Was Mommy?

A baby shower game to shine some spotlight on the mom to be. This one needs a bit of prep but is all worth it!

Gather pictures of the mom at different ages and then put them up on a poster board. Ask the guests to guess her age by looking at her childhood pictures. A wonderful way to go down memory lane for the mom with her friends and fun activity for the guests.

What You Need: Pictures of the mom to be

9. Guess The Baby Food

Want to find out which guest has the most sensitive nose? Test your guests sniffing skills and sense of smell with this hilarious and fun game. All you need are different kinds of baby purees in jars. Line them up and then ask the guests to smell and guess which baby food is inside each jar. The guest with the most correct answer wins!

Want to make it more fun? Do it with the guests blindfolded!

What You Need: Pureed baby food jars

These baby shower games are sure to keep your guests entertained and delighted at the shower. So, get those invites out and order some oh-so-adorable cupcakes and food and get the party rolling!

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