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How To Follow Best Practices To Live Your Best Life

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May 19, 2024

We all want to improve our lives and be a better version of ourselves – we want to laugh more, be less stressed, follow our passion and live our best life. You could either be looking to continuously be a better person or maybe need a radical shift in your life. No matter what stage you are in transforming your life, to live your best it need not be complicated. But we usually don’t know “How” to do it. The How is what stops us from being and achieving our best life. Working towards making yourself better is easy and can take a few days if you ensure one thing – consistency.

It takes only a few small steps to commit daily to change your life and live your best! So, here are 9 practices that you can start doing today to live a happier, meaningful, deeper, and better life.

1. Be Grateful

The most important thing that we should be following in life is being grateful. As kids, we are thought to be thankful when we say our prayers or in general. But as we grow up, adults tend to forget to be grateful. In the constant race of trying to achieve and wanting new things, we forget to be grateful for what we have. Practice showing gratitude towards the gift of life.

2. Pay Attention

We usually go through life on cruise control and hardly ever pay attention to things around us. Start by paying attention to details in your daily routine. The smell of freshly brewed coffee in the morning, the beautiful calls of birds, the cozy feeling of being in your pajamas. Soak in the smell, sound, emotions, and feelings in your daily life and just witness the positivity it brings in your life!

3. Read Something Good/Inspirational

Start or end your day with an inspirational or good read. The positivity and good vibes will change your life. You just need to do this for 5 minutes daily and you will instantly see an impact.

4. Exercise

While exercise is important to keep your body fit, it is also important to keep your mind fit. You don’t necessarily need to hit the gym every day but maybe just do a bunch of squats or a few breathing exercises. Even if it means you exercise for 10 minutes then its okay. You will feel like a Rockstar.

5. Get Enough Sleep

We seem to be celebrating people who can pull all-nighters and work or party till they drop. Our culture does not value rest enough anymore. But what we are forgetting is that sleep is a necessity and our body and mind can only work their best and be their best when we get adequate sleep.

6. Be Gentle/Be Kind

We are always taught to be kind and forgiving towards others but what you need the most is being kind yourself. Everyone makes mistakes and has tough days, go easy on yourself. Learn to embrace your flaws and be kind to yourself every day.

7. Embrace Change

Stepping out of your comfort zone might feel scary and tough but remember change is the only constant in life. Welcome change with your arms wide open because change usually means new things, new possibilities, growth, and inspiration. Stop fearing or avoiding change and you will see that your life is getting better with every new change.

8. Write a Journal

Writing in a journal is a great way of being more aware of what is happening in your head and mind. It helps you to automatically focus on things and the emotions that you are feeling. Writing allows you to notice and take action on the things you wish to create and want in your life. Don’t forget to invest in a nice journal, one that makes you feel good when you look at it.

9. Create Your Own success

Lastly, remind yourself that success does not mean a big paycheck or a successful business empire. Success is something that feels good and not just something that looks good. Success can mean different things to different individuals. For someone, success can be the peace of mind and a good sleep every night. You need to chase and create your own success.

These are simple practices that you need to implement and be mindful of in everyday life. But these daily rituals are what you need to follow to live your best life.