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How Much Is A Custom Song

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April 10, 2024

Music is a beautiful language of love and happiness. On the other hand, customized music is not just loving but heart-touching and overwhelming. Well, a custom song for a birthday, wedding, valentine’s day, engagement, or any special occasion can make the moment tenfold beautiful. However, when it comes to music production and creating a custom song, you might be wondering whether it comes within your budget. So, that’s why today we are talking about how much a custom song costs and the factors its pricing depends on.

Factors That Raise The Custom Song Price

A custom song can cost too much if you hire each component separately. You can compose a custom song with various vocalists and musical instruments. However, the quality of lyrics, the number of vocalists, and the musical instruments used in the song can affect the pricing of a custom song. The more vocalist and musical instruments you add, the pricier and more beautiful it can be. It means you can get a personalized composed song for as low as $250 or spend as much as $300, depending on your budget. So, let’s consider each component one by one. 

1. The SongWriter

For a custom song composition, first, you need a perfect songwriter for beautiful lyrics. Songwriting is not a rigid procedure, but there are some requirements. Begin with clear thoughts about what you want and simple standards. Hire a talented songwriter or lyricist under your budget to create a song based on your specifications and the message you want to convey with your song. His style, tone, and viewpoint must match yours. Have a clear idea of how the finished song should feel, what the lyrics should invoke, who it is intended for, and how you wish your target audience to feel about it. 

2. The Vocalist

A vocalist can bring your lyrics to life. More vocalists mean a higher cost. Their skill level and experience determine the cost of hiring a vocalist. Hiring an inexperienced vocalist will cost you less but choosing a highly skilled vocalist can be expensive. If your budget is tight, try hiring a solo singer for a low price too. Remember that high pitch singers can’t sing a beautiful romantic song. So, ensure that you choose a vocalist whose expertise meets your wishes and demands for your song.

3. A Music Instrument Player

You can ask your vocalist to play the guitar or piano. However, musical instrument players can be expensive. A musician can give you service over time. So, it’s totally up to you how much you want to spend and how many musical instrument players you want for your personalized song.

How Much A Custom Song Costs If You Manage It Yourself

Let’s add up the cost of the songwriter, vocalist, and musician to know how much it will cost.

  • Songwriters: They usually cost $25 to $500
  • A Musician: They cost around $400 for a 15-minute session
  • A Vocalist: $100 - $500 (depending on experience)

You can add up the price accordingly to get the actual price.

Bring Your Song To Life - One-Step solution For Customized Songs

Hiring a songwriter, musician, and solo vocalist can cost around $199 to $2,500. However, bringing your song to life is a one-stop solution for the composition of your customized song. We have professional songwriters, a team of talented vocalists, and excellent musicians. We offer the best budget and friendly plans and provide quality songs. 

At BMSTL, our pricing is completely custom, starting at $49 only. The price varies depending on how many extras you want, including a popular option that allows you to review the lyrics, so you can choose based on your budget. We offer quality service for composing your dream customized song, as attested by thousands of global clients for whom we've composed songs. And if you would like us to restart the annual subscription, please let us know by going to the contact form! Get a song ready in three simple steps...

In conclusion, music is a powerful language that can express love and happiness in ways that words alone cannot. Customized music takes this to the next level by creating a truly personal and heart-touching experience. Whether it's for a birthday, wedding, Valentine's Day, engagement, or any other special occasion, a custom song can make the moment even more beautiful. So, go ahead and order your song today and let the experts help you create the most beautiful customsong for your special occasion.