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How Do You Say Grandmother In Different Languages?

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March 13, 2023

Learning how to say "grandmother" in different languages can be a fun and educational way to learn about different cultures and expand your vocabulary. Whether you are traveling abroad, learning a new language, or simply want to show respect and affection for your grandmother in her native tongue, knowing how to say "grandmother" in a variety of languages can be useful.

So, here are 49 different ways to say "grandmother" in different languages:

  • English: Grandmother
  • Spanish: Abuela
  • French: Grand-mère
  • German: Großmutter
  • Italian: Nonna
  • Dutch: Grootmoeder
  • Portuguese: Avó
  • Russian: Бабушка (Babushka)
  • Japanese: おばあさん (Obaasan)
  • Chinese (Mandarin): 奶奶 (Nǎinai)
  • Korean: 할머니 (Halmeoni)
  • Arabic: جدة (Jaddah)
  • Swahili: Bibi
  • Greek: Γιαγιά (Yiayia)
  • Hebrew: סבתא (Savta)
  • Hindi: दादी (Daadi)
  • Croatian: Baka
  • Czech: Babička
  • Danish: Bedstemor
  • Finnish: Mummo
  • Hungarian: Nagymama
  • Icelandic: Amma
  • Irish: Seanmháthair
  • Lithuanian: Močiutė
  • Latvian: Vecmāmiņa
  • Norwegian: Bestemor
  • Polish: Babcia
  • Romanian: Bunică
  • Slovak: Babka
  • Slovenian: Babica
  • Serbian: Баба (Baba)
  • Swedish: Mormor
  • Turkish: Büyükanne
  • Ukrainian: Бабуся (Babusya)
  • Albanian: Gjyshja
  • Armenian: Այրուհի (Ayruhi)
  • Azerbaijani: Ana bibi
  • Belarusian: Бабуля (Babulya)
  • Bulgarian: Баба (Baba)
  • Georgian: Mzeo
  • Kazakh: Ана (Ana)
  • Kyrgyz: Ана (Ana)
  • Macedonian: Баба (Baba)
  • Moldovan: Bunica
  • Montenegrin: Баба (Baba)
  • Pashto: ماما (Mama)
  • Persian: مادربزرگ (Madarbozorg)
  • Tajik: Мадар (Madar)
  • Turkmen: Ana

As you can see, there are many different ways to say "grandmother" in different languages, each with its own unique pronunciation and cultural significance. Whether you are looking to learn a new language or simply want to show your grandmother some extra love, we wish you a good time.