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Capture Memories In A Song!

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May 12, 2023

At Bring My Song To Life, we believe in the power of music! A beautiful song can make your day merrier, nights calmer‍, and thoughts clearer… that’s the power of music. And we aim to use this power and magic to create a custom song that captures memories and tells your story! The finest music at the most affordable prices is what we aim to deliver.

We understand that buying a gift for a loved one is never easy but with Bring My Song To Life, you can just leave everything to the experts. Get your custom song delivered to you and all you need to do is tell us your story. We will capture your memories and special moments into a custom song. Our aim is to create songs that will make your loved ones absolutely delighted and surprised. To make sure we stand by our promises and deliver the finest music every time, we have some core values that we believe in and practice.

Our Core Values

1. Enjoyment

Our aim is always to create songs that you and your loved ones will enjoy listening to or dancing to.

2. Generosity

Spread kindness is our mantra. From the beginning, we have based our business model on spreading kindness.

3. Love

Gifts mean showing your love and affection and we always aim to showcase this sentiment with our songs.

4. Uniqueness

We strive to provide people with a truly unique gift alternative that their loved ones will cherish for life.

‍Ordering Process

Ordering a custom song is super easy. You need not be a songwriter or composer to create a personalized song. All you need is Bring My Song To Life!

We have three packages that you can choose from based on your requirements - a single instrument and vocals, a small band production, or a full band setup with a celebrity singer.

Once you have narrowed down your package, tell us your story! You can share some special memories, the occasion, the message you want to share, and any other detail. We will use all of these details that you share to write the lyrics.

The initial draft of the lyrics is sent to you for approval. Only when you are 100% satisfied with the lyrics, do we go ahead with the music production. Here as well, you can let us know if you have a preferred genre and our musicians will follow your command. But in case you want to leave it up to us, then we will choose the best one for you. We have the best musicians and professionals, who will then compose the song and once we have your stamp of approval, we will deliver the song to you. A song that will tell your story and memories in your own words!

If you are wondering whether a custom song from Bring My Song To Life will break your wallet, then don’t worry. We believe in delivering the finest music at the most affordable prices and that’s why our best seller package is just $129!

Order your custom song today!