Be Better Than You Were Yesterday

September 28, 2021 12:09 AM

Someone wise once said, “The biggest teacher in life is a mistake”, and that is absolutely true! Life has a learning curve right from day one and that curve should always be going upwards and above. From the time you are a baby, your aim is always to learn about the new things around you even if it means you fall, make mistakes or do it all wrong. But that’s how we learn to do things correctly the next time.

Mistakes are just a part of life. They are what makes you, you. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, but always remember to learn from them. Every day should be a fresh start and above all a chance to be better than what you were yesterday. In life, you need to use the lessons you learnt from your yesterday’s mistakes today! That’s the key to grow and be better than you were yesterday.

Why You Need To Be Better Than Yesterday

When you are a child, learning and exploring new things comes naturally to you. You learn to adapt to the new things around you, learn to form words, take your first steps, learn to jump, skip and so much more. Every day has a new milestone and slowly and steadily you achieve each of these milestones. But how do you do that? By learning from your mistakes, working towards it and obviously a little help from your parents!

But as adults, we forget that we need to grow, learn and be better every day. As adults, we tend to believe that this is it, this is my life! You stop trying to be better. But what you need is to learn, work and strive to be better every day. You have the power to make the change and follow your heart’s desires, and if you make a mistake, do not blame yourself and be disappointed. Just pick yourself up, ignore all the negativity and start again!

By saying this, we don’t mean that you have to make mistakes in everything. Sometimes, it's possible to get things right the first time and that’s great! But accept the fact that in life there will be times that you will make mistakes and they don’t reflect failure. All they mean is you tried and you will try again tomorrow!

Work On Yourself To Get Better

The first and the most important step towards being a better you is never comparing yourself to others. Your only competition is YOU! Stop being jealous of people who are ahead of you, when you compare yourself to someone else, all you do is attract negativity. In fact, let others be an inspiration for you to do better.

Successful people work on their skills and talent every day to be better than they were yesterday. They don’t sit and compare themselves to others because nothing good ever comes out of that. Instead, use the energy to find out the areas you need to work on.

Working on yourself to be better than yesterday could be as simple as eating healthy. Tell yourself that you will eat healthily and cut out junk from today or that you will turn off that phone at least 30 minutes before bedtime. Even these small things are steps that will make you better than you were yesterday.

When you ill work hard and push yourself to be better, it won’t be long before you become an inspiration to others. But yes, no matter where you are in life, mistakes and errors are bound to happen. Some mistakes can even turn out to be costly and life-altering, and if you can fix it then please do, but if not then try to make the most out of it, learn and move on. Don’t get stuck in your past but remember to never make that mistake ever again.

At the end of the day, be present in your life and enjoy every moment! Look forward to opportunities where you can learn, be better. Enjoy life’s little victories and give yourself enough credit. And in the end, just strive to be better than what you were yesterday and you will be able to love and challenge yourself. When you practice and try to be your best, success will come naturally.

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