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‍Various Types of Parents on Vacation

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January 23, 2024

While on vacation, we often come across parents with varied approaches, sometimes swift to assess each other's parenting styles. Nevertheless, every parental style during a vacation brings its unique set of pros and cons. So, what are the different types of parents one might encounter during a holiday? If you are fluent in French, we've provided a link to an article you're sure to enjoy at the end.

The Project Manager Parent

The parent adopting the role of a "project manager" is exceptionally organized. They possess comprehensive knowledge about the vacation destination, acquired through months of meticulous web research or even on-site visits to assess soil conditions. Equipped with numerous printed maps, they provide the family with a detailed itinerary just before departure, specifying activities for each hour throughout the week.

Advantage: Never a dull moment.

Disadvantage: Who said we never want to be bored?

The Helicopter Parent

The helicopter parent remains in constant proximity to their child for the entire duration of the stay. Driven by a fear of any potential harm befalling their child, they tote a first aid kit more comprehensive than a hospital pharmacy. Their time is dedicated to ensuring their child's skin remains unblemished, often causing mild embarrassment through excessive displays of affection before allowing their child to join friends at the club.

Advantage: Nothing will ever happen to their child!

Disadvantage: Nothing will ever happen to their child!

The Enthusiast Parent

Often a vacationer since their youth, the enthusiast parent constantly recounts their youthful adventures. They take their children camping around a fire, spending the evening detailing every vacation since the age of 5 while eating roasted marshmallows. They want their children to experience the same things they did, perhaps oblivious to the fact that it's no longer the '80s or '90s.

Advantage: Always has a story to tell!

Disadvantage: However, it's not always interesting...

The Former Entertainer

The former entertainer stands out easily, exuding a lively and sociable demeanor. Within holiday resorts, this parent effortlessly blends in, sharing jokes and participating in lively conversations with entertainers during group activities. Bursting with creative ideas for their children, they are well-versed in a myriad of games to keep them engaged. Embracing their vacation with zest, the former entertainer places trust in children's clubs, often leaving their kids there as they fully immerse themselves in the holiday experience.

Advantage: Funny and knows how to entertain kids!

Disadvantage: Can sometimes be a bit overwhelming...

The Easygoing Parent

Chill—that's the vacation mantra for the easygoing parent. For them, vacations mean relaxation—no sports, no games, no outings. Just sleeping in, meals served, and an afternoon sunbathing. The vacation village is a perfect place for the easygoing parent to unwind while letting the kids play and have fun in the clubs.

Advantage: Let the kids enjoy the clubs!

Disadvantage: Doesn't make the most of the destination...

The Forgetful Parent

The forgetful parent is easily identifiable among the various types of parents on vacation. They rush to the resort's reception upon arrival, asking for a toothbrush or pacifier for their baby because they've forgotten nearly everything. This is also the parent you'll see returning from the beach to fetch sunscreen, then coming back five minutes later for towels. It's often the parent of the child waiting for 15 minutes in front of the club for their mom or dad to pick them up.

Advantage: Provides plenty of stories to tell!

Disadvantage: Needless to say...

The Sports Enthusiast Parent

The sports enthusiast parent maintains a dedicated fitness routine even on vacation, rising at 7 a.m. for a morning run and involving their children to promote their well-being. At meals, they meticulously choose a strict diet for their children. Engaging in every sports tournament at the resort with their children, their sole objective is victory. With unwavering determination, they consistently give their best, refusing to let their children win. Remarkably, their children have never emerged victorious against them.

Advantage: Keeps the whole family fit!

Disadvantage: It's still vacation!


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