Travis Kelce's song for Taylor Swift

We at Bring My Song To Life exclusively got access to the song Travis Kelce wrote, recorded and performed for Taylor Swift. We will premier the song on Easter Monday, 2024 at 3PM Easter Daylight Saving Time.

Previous Musical Performances

By Travis Kelce

Friends in Low Places

First up is Travis Kelce's legendary performance of the Garth Brooks classic "Friends in Low Places" at the Kansas City Chiefs Championship Parade. While maybe not his best vocal performance, it certainly has a certain edge to it. Let's hope his song for Taylor Swift is less boozed though.

Fight for your Right

Here is another Travis Kelce performance. In 2023, late night host Jimmy Fallon invited Travis Kelce to his late night show and Travis could not contain himself and performed the Beastie Boys Classic in front of a live audience. Will Taylor Swift's song be in a similar style and genre or did he opt for a more mellow tone? 

My Dear Taylor

And finally, this is Travis Kelce's song for Taylor Swift. It is titled "My Dear Taylor". We at Bring My Song To Life, through our sources in the music industry, managed to get our hands on the leaked version of this song and will premier it right here on Easter Monday, 2024 at 3PM EDT.

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