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The Best 4th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

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May 2, 2022

Anniversary gifts are a must but also the most difficult ones! It’s fun and sweet to gift each other things based on the number of years you have been together but this can also be a challenge at times. However, if you are celebrating four wonderful years of wedded bliss, then it is actually not too challenging. 

The traditional 4th-anniversary gift is fruits and flowers - representing the growing and blossoming relationship. It is also meant to show how you are standing by each other through life’s ups and downs. If you are looking for modern 4th wedding anniversary gifts then it would be appliances and the gemstone is blue topaz. While yes the traditional gift is flowers and fruits but it doesn’t mean you show up with just a bunch of roses, right? You want something special that will make your spouse feel how beautifully you guys are growing together. So, here are some amazing 4th wedding anniversary gifts that play around the traditional and modern themes. We have so many amazing ideas to inspire and help you find that perfect gift for your 4th wedding anniversary!

Traditional 4th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

  1. The Juneau

A perfectly beautiful alternative to fresh flowers that wilt away in a day, these dried beauties are regal, grand, and just so vibrant. With shades of purple, burgundy, and touches of green, this artisanal bouquet just stands out when it comes to the usual flower arrangements and makes a perfect gift for 4th wedding anniversaries. Also, this stunning arrangement comes beautifully nestled in a sleek white vase.

  1. Gourmet Drizzled Strawberries

When the traditional gift can be so delicious, who would say no, right? This gourmet chocolate drizzled strawberries from Harry & David make a decadent 4th wedding anniversary gift. Fresh, juicy strawberries drizzled with just the right amount of chocolate!!

  1. Our Fruit Butter Collection

Is your spouse not a fan of fruits? Then this amazingly delicious collection of fruit butter from Stonewall Kitchen makes a wonderful traditional 4th-anniversary gift idea. The goodness of fruits and creaminess of butter - absolutely yum! They can use this as a spread on bread, scones, muffins, or just eat it right out of the jar!

  1. Rose Petal Heart Earrings

The traditional 4th wedding anniversary gift is so versatile that you can incorporate it in so many different ways. Like getting your sweetheart a rose petal earring! Skip that red rose bouquet this year and get her these stunning earrings that are handcrafted with a real heart-shaped rose petal! The petal is set behind glass and framed using a golden branch circle. These earrings are elegant and just the most amazing gift that you can get her for your anniversary.

  1. Gardenia Flower Scented Candle

Set the mood for the night by making your home smell like flowers! This gardenia flower-scented candle makes an amazing traditional gift idea. The smell of fresh flowers will instantly transport your spouse to a beautifully calm and romantic space.

  1. Heartfelt Wedding Memento

Surprise your wife with this beautiful heartfelt memento that creates a hand-embroidered replica of the wedding bouquet. Personalize it with your initials or wedding date to add that special touch. This creative gift is a great way of capturing your special day and making it permanent!

Modern 4th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

  1. Imperia Pasta Machine

If you are leaning towards the modern 4th wedding anniversary gift, then this Imperia Pasta Machine makes a wonderful choice. A great kitchen appliance that will let you make homemade pasta that’s delicious and also a great way for you two to spend some time together! This pasta machine comes with two different attachments - one for ravioli and the other for making fettuccine. 

  1. Nespresso VirtuoLine Coffee and Espresso Maker

She loves a good espresso but do you prefer a creamy milk coffee to kick start your day? Then this Nespresso coffee and espresso maker is just what you need. Get your partner this coffee machine on your 4th wedding anniversary so that you both can sit back and enjoy some delicious coffee from the comfort of your home! A great modern 4th-anniversary gift idea because who doesn't like a cup of freshly brewed coffee, right?!

  1. Beautiful Touchscreen Air Fryer

If you haven’t jumped on the Air Fryer bandwagon yet, then it's time to take that plunge! This sleek Air Fryer by Drew Berrymore makes a beautiful and practical gift for your 4th wedding anniversary. Prepping tasty meals that are not just delicious but also healthy is super easy with this appliance. And just look at the design? Simply wow!!

  1. Breville Crispy Crust Pizza Maker

Make Friday Pizza date nights a thing by gifting your better half this Breville Crispy Crust Pizza Maker on your 4th wedding anniversary. This pizza maker makes a great modern appliance gift idea and a practical one as well. The pizza stone cooks the dough at ultra-high heat to give you a wood-fired oven-style pizza at home!

  1. Cuisinart Double Belgian Waffle Maker

Make some delicious waffles for breakfast and surprise your spouse on your wedding anniversary with this sleek Cuisinart waffle maker. A wonderful 4th wedding anniversary gift idea, this waffle maker has a smart design that lets you make two waffles at the same time so you both can enjoy your waffles together.