Presents for People Who Like Music

July 8, 2021 10:54 AM

We all have that one person in our life who absolutely loves music. Someone who loves listening to music or entertaining a group with their lovely music or favorite artists at every gathering. It could be a friend, loved one, family member, or even a colleague. Buying a present for people who like music can be tricky and confusing especially if you are not into music that much. That’s why we have created this fabulous list of the best presents for people who like music.

Top 7 Presents For People Who Like Music

1. Emerald Thumb Piano

Traditionally called a kalimba or karimba, this Zimbabwean musical tradition is a petite piano that was first made more than 3000 years ago. The tribal people used a thumb piano to tell their stories as they are lightweight and easily portable.

This emerald thumb piano is based on the traditional instrument but with a modern twist. With a smooth pine board and emerald finish, this handcrafted beauty is perfect for carrying any tune. It comes with eight numbered tines/keys that are hand-cut and rounded from tempered spring steel. An elegant and beautiful gift option for that friend who loves traditional music and instruments.

2. Musical Spoon

A handmade beauty, this musical spoon is another traditional instrument that has been used for centuries by Canadians. Made from the finest Canadian maple, it is –used to play folk music, and is often bought out at parties and festivals and also given as gifts. These musical spoons play ear-pleasing tones and are perfect for anyone who likes exquisite handmade musical instruments. Also, these are fun for professionals as well as newbies!

3. Door Harp

Get this door harp for that friend or loved one who loves all things musical! This ethereal harp is handcrafted using padauk, maple, and canary wood and plays a trio of beautiful and tranquil notes every time the mallets hit the wire. The natural wood grain helps create a lovely tune every time, while the beautiful design makes this door harp an eye-catching display. A warm way of welcoming every visitor home!

4. Folding Travel Guitar

This one makes the ultimate present option for that friend who loves to travel but not without their musical instrument! With a space-saving design, this folding travel guitar boasts 19 frets, a patented rotating arm, as well as is ideal for both right and left-handed guitar players. What’s more? It is designed with a sound hole-free design for the ones who like their practice to be quiet and with an acoustic feel that won’t disturb others. But for the ones who like their music loud, you can buy a clip-on guitar pick separately. This folding travel guitar may not be a traditional guitar but is still pretty amazing, right?

5. Loopy Lou DJ in a Box

The Loopy Lou the DJ in a Box is a fun and interesting gift option. This digital recording tool can be used to capture vocals or any other sounds and then you can change it with loops or pitch-bending playback. Sounds fun, right?

Handmade and with artistic DJ turntable-inspired graphics, this DJ in the box is sure to guarantee hours of fun! Mix and match and have some fun with endless sonic experimentation. We are sure this gift will be loved by everyone!

6. Music Playing Cards

A music lover’s card deck, this one is a must-have for anyone who loves music and cards - a perfect combination! It comes with beautiful illustrations of some of the greatest music stars on each card and the genres split up as spades = rock, hearts = pop, diamonds = folk and country and clubs= soul, blues, and R&B. With Beyoncé and Prince as Queen and King of Hearts and the likes of Elvis and Freddie Mercury as King and Queen of Spades, this one makes a fun and interesting present option for music lovers. Gift this to your friend or loved one and they will surely have fun playing with the stars!

7. Gift Card from Bring My Song To Life

This one is different from the rest of the present ideas mentioned above. That’s because this is a gift card, unlike any other gift card you would have ever bought for your friend or loved one. The Bring My Song To Life gift card gives the option to create a personalized song of your own. What can be a better present for people who like music, right?

At Bring My Song To Life, we specialize in creating personalized songs for any occasion or event. We use your story to write the lyrics and compose a beautiful song that captures the essence of your story. With the best musicians and professionals, we are pros at this and can deliver the finest music at the most affordable prices. So, go ahead and check out our website for more details!

When it comes to music everyone has different tastes and choices. So, we hope this list helps you find that perfect gift for that friend or loved one who likes music.

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