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Personalized Gifts For Kids

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September 11, 2022

The joy on the little one’s faces when they unwrap a gift is priceless! The excitement, the giggles, the happiness, and the anticipation!! Kids absolutely love being surprised by a gift no matter how big or small. But when it is a personalized gift it makes them feel even more special. 

Even for us adults, personalized gifts are the ones that we probably remember or cherish the most. Whether it is the little one’s birthday, Christmas, or any other special occasion, a gift monogrammed with their name or initials or printed with their picture makes a wonderful personalized gift for kids! So, here are some fun, interesting, and sweet gift ideas for kids from parents, friends, grandparents, or uncles and aunts!

The 10 Best Personalized Gifts For Kids

  1. Melissa & Doug Personalized Take-Along Tool Kit

Give your little builder everything they need to embark on their building journey with this Melissa & Doug Take-Along Tool Kit. Kids would love to have their very own tool kit especially when it comes engraved with their name. If you want you can even add a sweet note. Complete with a colorful wooden hammer, screwdriver, wrench, and even screws, nails, bolts, and nuts, this tool kit will be their latest favorite toy!

  1. Kid’s Best Friend Dog Puzzle

If the kid has a furry best friend that they absolutely love, then you can consider surprising them with this best friend dog puzzle. It is cute, looks adorable, and makes an engaging and fun gift idea. You can choose between 12 different illustrated pooches and add the child’s and their furry friend’s name. This 500-piece puzzle makes a wonderful gift for kids and a tribute to the four-legged family member.

  1. Personalized Water Bottle

A water bottle is a gift that every kid or maybe the parent appreciates. It's practical and thoughtful. But this water bottle can be personalized based on their favorite characters or interests. This personalized water bottle from Pottery Barn lets you choose from a range of designs like unicorns, Disney characters, outer space, and other themes and colors as well as from three different choices. Add the kid’s name for that finishing touch!

  1. Personalized Superhero Pencils

Encourage your kid to not lose their pencils and make them feel special at the same time with these cool personalized superhero pencils. You can add a sweet message on each of the 24 pencils in the pack. This pencil set makes a wonderful birthday gift or a gift to encourage them when they do something good at school. 

  1. Engraved Moon and Stars Night Light

Little ones always prefer having a night light on at bedtime. Make bedtime a beautiful and soothing experience for them by gifting them this cute moon and stars night light. You can personalize it with their name in a beautiful cursive font and this night light also comes with a stand, USB cord, and wall adapter. The soft glow will make kids feel secure and help them enjoy a good night’s sleep. 

  1. Goodnight Little Me Book

Bedtime books are every kid’s favorite! Make their storytime extra special with this personalized Goodnight Little Me book. This book comes personalized with the kid’s name on the cover and throughout the story to make them feel like they are listening to their own dreamy story. With animals wishing them goodnight and beautiful illustrations, this personalized book makes a great personalized gift for kids on birthdays.

  1. Personalized Growth Chart

Keep track of how tall your baby is growing with this personalized growth chart! Designed with an adorable giraffe print, this one makes a wonderful gift idea for kids. You can personalize it with the baby’s name and it comes with the words “watch me grow”. This waterproof banner in peachy pink color can be used for years by parents and comes with a ribbon to hang it.


  1. Busy Board For Toddlers

Any toddler parent will tell you how important it is to find things that will keep their little one busy for longer than 5 minutes! This busy board is designed to do just that. Made of wood, this Montessori toy can be personalized with the baby's name and provides hours of fun and engagement. The baby's name is like a puzzle and it comes with different everyday objects that are just great for developing their fine and gross motor skills. Babies learn a lot from open-ended toys and that’s why this one makes an excellent personalized gift for kids.