National Sweetest Day: 15 Quotes About Sweet Love

October 14, 2021 9:31 AM

It’s time to be kind and sweet and shower some love on people around you because National Sweetest Day is just around the corner. Celebrated on the third Saturday of October, this day simply put is a day where you be sweet by sharing small gifts, flowers, candies, or even a sweet thought or kind gesture to those you care about most. But this day is also celebrated keeping in mind caring for those who need some moral support or a kind gesture to make their lives slightly easier.

History of The Sweetest Day

This day goes back to 1922 when in Cleveland candy companies got together to make a sweet gesture towards the city’s orphans, old folks and poor by distributing more than 20,000 boxes of candy.

The idea was widely appreciated and was the talk of the town with the celebrities. That’s when starlets like Theda Bara, started distributing candies to people attending movies or patients in hospitals.

Eventually, the idea caught on and that’s how the National Sweetest Day came into existence. People do tend to associate it more with a romantic day but it is just a day to be sweet to anyone around you!

Go ahead and share the joy and sweetness on this National Sweetest Day with everyone around you! And if you are looking for some sweet thoughts and quotes to share with your loved ones on this beautiful day, then here are some truly sweet ones!

15 Quotes About Sweet Love for National Sweetest Day

We hope you enjoy sharing these sweetest day quotes with your family and friends this year as much as we loved putting it up for you! Go ahead and spread some love this year!

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