How To Find Free-To-Use Images With Google Search

October 25, 2021 9:15 AM

One of the most important aspects when it comes to content creation is images. Whether you are publishing blogs, articles, website content, or even on social media, finding the right image that speaks to the audience is key.

The Right Image For Your Content

A human brain can interpret an image much faster and better as compared to text, that’s why finding the right image becomes so important when you are selling a service, product, or brand. They are just the right way to communicate to customers instantly.

While stock photos are the go-to for most content creators, finding the right image can be a hassle sometimes. There are also legal liabilities that you need to check for and some of the sites even charge a certain amount for each image.

But if you are a content creator or someone who needs images in their day-to-day work, then you would be delighted to hear that now you can find free-to-use images using Google!

Free-To-Use Image With Google Search

Google has updated its Image Search feature to help you search for free-to-use images. They have even added a feature that helps you figure out how to get the license for the ones that are not free.

Here is how you can get free-to-use images in 4 simple steps:

1. Search for the image you need like you usually would on Google
2. Click on Images
3. Click on Tools. This will expand the filter menu
4. Here you find the option “Usage Rights” that will let you sort the images either by license or creative commons

That’s it. Now you can start sourcing for free images from Google!

Google has a great addition of telling you how you can obtain the rights for a licensed product. When you search for images in general and don’t tick off any option in the “Usage Rights” filter, then Google simply shows you all the images under the search criteria. The images that have copyrights will be displayed with a warning, “images may be subject to copyright”.

However, the only issue here is that Google will display this message only if the publisher has provided this information. So, if you are looking for free-to-use images without any copyright then make sure you filter out the photos to avoid unknowingly using copyrighted photos.

With the kind of volume and variety that Google Images provides, it will be super easy for you to find an image you need. If not, there are always free stock photo websites!

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