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How to Create an Instagram Multi-Photo Collage Grid

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August 16, 2023

We are in the Insta generation and today everything and literally we do, say or eat is on Instagram, for that matter all of life's major and minor updates are made through Instagram. That's why today we are discussing about a popular way of posting things on Instagram - a multi-photo collage grid! If you are looking to use this social medium to create content, market your business, make it as an influencer, or even just use it as a medium to show off your creative side you would want to know how to post a collage grid!

There are several methods for making an Instagram collage grid. But first, let’s understand what exactly is a collage grid, and why would you want to create one. A collage grid is a creative approach to combining many images into a single Instagram post. This is one, albeit simple, example. Between two and nine photos (or more!) would go together to form a coherent ensemble based on a hue.

We will show you two ways to go about creating a multi-photo collage grid and we will be discussing both of them in detail for you today.

Method 1: Layouts By The App Itself

The first approach is to utilize an app that connects to Instagram – and your picture collection – to build and upload collages. Previously, you had to locate and utilize a third-party app. However, Instagram developed its app a few years back to accomplish the features it wanted for its main app. It's known as Layout.

There are two methods to get to the Layout. The first option is to use the Instagram app itself. The second option is downloading the app straight from your preferred app store.

• Instagram Collage - Android, available on the Google Play store.

• Instagram - iOS layout from the iTunes app store.

We'll go over how to get the app through Instagram. But, for the time being, let's walk through the process of making and presenting a collage from beginning to end. Before you start make sure that any photographs you intend to utilize are available on your device. This implies they must be on the device; Layout does not appear to be able to access cloud storage, such as Google Drive or Dropbox.

It's common to want to modify your photographs on a computer before posting them on Instagram. If you've already done this and saved your photographs to your cloud storage, please download them to your local device before posting.

1. Open Instagram. If necessary, download it and ensure you're logged in to the account you want to use to upload your college. It makes no sense to create a collage and then attempts to submit it to discover that you're using the incorrect account. I'm unsure whether switching accounts ruin anything or save the collage as a new picture. In any case, it's always a good practice to double-check that you're on the correct account before posting anything.
2. Tap the new post icon in the bottom navigation bar's center, either a photo silhouette or a plus icon. It's one of those little distinctions between iOS and Android that makes no sense, but what can you do?
3. Tap to open your current photo gallery. This will be the "library" button on iOS and the "gallery" button on Android. If you haven't given Instagram permission to view your images in a while, you may need to do so.
4. Select the Layout option. It will typically appear as a little symbol floating above your gallery to the right, like a rounded square with a sideways T.
5. If you don't already get Layout, tap to obtain it. This will take you to your device's app store, where you can download the app. It's free, so get it. It's also pretty little, so downloading and installing it won't take long.
6. Swipe through the tutorial. It's a fairly easy program, and I'll also show you how to utilize it.
7. Scroll through your gallery to choose photographs to include in your collage. Then, tap them to include them in the collage sample you like. You have the option of selecting up to nine photos. That's great; if you want to add more than nine images to a collage, you probably don't want to be constrained to the established layouts and would want to handle everything using method 2.
8. Swipe through the layout preview until you find one you like that matches the photographs you're using. The more photographs you have chosen, the more layouts you may choose from.
9. Adjust the borders of the photographs to resize them, move them from one location to another, mirror them, flip them, or otherwise tweak the collage until it looks right. You may change the photos to show any way you like to create a dynamic visual that conveys your message. Go for it if it means mirroring specific components. You may also toggle the real borders on and off to determine whether or not you want lines between the photos.
10. Save the collage and return to the post. The collage will display as a picture to which you may apply a filter, whether before or after writing the post, depending on your device. You may add a geographic location, a description, hashtags, and tags for individuals before posting the image to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr. In certain circumstances, particularly on iOS, you'll need to depart Layout and return to Instagram. It appears to be a clean transfer on Android. There you have your collage!

Method 2: Computer Editing

The second strategy is the one you'll see a lot more of if you look at the #collage tag on Instagram. Others of the collages are done using Layout, and some are more item collages captured in a single photograph. Still, others are more classic collages, photographs composited in some fashion. You have a lot more freedom with this college method. Here are a couple of examples:

  • 1. This example picture collage has six photographs represented above and available at mylene.besancon. Other third-party tools may allow you to create larger collages.
  • 2. This collage at william.wanderlust has broad white borders on the edges, so if you tried to build it in Layout, you'd also need to add white photos to the sides.
  • 3. This collage at gypiop is similar but much more complicated. Individual pieces are altered more accurately, which is not something that basic software can achieve. Perhaps a collage-focused program allows that, but not with a collage grid-like Layout. 

The catch with all of these is that you must have access to an image editing application. GIMP, Photoshop, Paint.net, and other programs can help, but you need something more powerful than Windows Paint or a simple app editor.

1. The first step is to pick what kind of collage you want to build. Do you want to build something basic, complicated, or creative? Don't go too far ahead of yourself. The strawberry link example just above, for example, is fantastic, but it was produced by an artist, not a beginner attempting to go outside the box.
2. Next you need to assemble your resources, which should include high-quality pictures. Having the proper raw ingredients makes having the right completed product easier. Don't start with hazy, low-resolution shots or phone photos; hire someone with photography abilities and a nice camera to capture the photos.
3. Step 3 is to determine whether you can put anything together yourself or whether you need to engage a professional designer or artist. If all you're doing is sewing together a few photographs, you might be able to accomplish it yourself. Still, you'll need to remember to deal with layers, correct your mistakes, and overall work with graphics effectively. Unfortunately, we're not graphic designers; therefore, we can't give you extensive advice on the issue. Fortunately, there are several tutorials accessible. If you hire someone, be sure they've been well vetted. Examine their portfolio to see what work they've done in the past. You might also search Instagram for someone who has created the type of material you desire for your profile. Why not employ them? You may pay them to generate more of what you want if you know they can produce it. Furthermore, you may share with their audience and benefit from the additional promotion they provide.

If you hire someone, be sure you're willing to pay them what their fees are. Then it's only a matter of working with your artist - or your own time - to create the image you desire. Then, just like any other photograph you wish to publish on Instagram, you must format it correctly for the platform. Create the appropriate square and save it to your phone. Launch the app, create a post, add a caption and tags, and let it fly. That's about it... did we miss anything? Do let us know if we did miss anything!

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