He Said Yes, What Now?

September 13, 2021 2:09 AM

You finally managed to plan that dreamy, romantic proposal for your boyfriend and everything went just the way you planned and he said yes! You are now his “fiancé”… no longer his girlfriend. Sounds a bit unreal right? The feeling that you are now committed and engaged might take a while for some people to completely sink in and that’s absolutely fine. It’s a brand-new phase in your life!

You proposed and he said yes, what now? You are now committed and official! Exciting, right? But that you are engaged, welcome to the next level – planning the wedding!

Yes, society norms say that women love planning their wedding and have dreamed of it since they were a kid. But there is a difference between dreaming about it in your head and sitting and planning your wedding. It is a whole new ball game! And obviously, your fiancé will also have his own plans for the wedding so working out the special day that you both want will take a lot of planning and work together.

Planning A Wedding - Bigger and Immediate Decisions

Once the initial excitement of the proposal has come down and you have shared the wonderful news with your friends and family, then start with some immediate planning.

  • Set a date: The first thing that probably any couple does before starting on planning a wedding is set a date. This one decision will determine everything that follows.

  • Location: Figure out where you want to hold the wedding. We don’t mean the specifics of the venue, but more like a geographical area. Let’s say both of you have moved to the city from your hometown then where do you want to have the wedding? Your or his hometown or maybe in the city itself and make your family come down? You can also choose to have a destination wedding. So, discuss this together and come to a decision. The sooner, the better.

  • Type of wedding: You have always been the romantic, formal wedding kind and maybe he is the introvert kind who would prefer an informal, just close friends and family kind? Big or small? You need to decide on this now before you get into the details of planning the wedding.

  • Finances: We all know how expensive even a simple wedding can be. Traditionally the bride’s parents paid for the wedding and the groom’s parents paid for the reception. But today, the couples prefer to pay for their weddings. Think about how you are going to go about this and set a budget so that you can plan your wedding accordingly.

Planning A Wedding – The Specifics

Now that you have set a date, planned the finances, and narrowed down on the venue, let’s get into the details of planning the wedding!

   • The DRESS! Every girl has a wedding dress in her mind… it is all in the head planned to the T! But now is the time you would want to make that dress a reality and find a designer or a place where you can buy the dress of your dreams.

   • The next most important thing apart from the wedding is the food and cake. Start tasting cake samples and food from different caterers and pick the one you like best.

   • Pick out your wedding bands – make sure you choose something that you both love.

   • Pick your bridesmaids. You are going to need them!!

   • Get the guest list ready. This one might take a while and you two might have to sit down together for this so that you don’t miss out on anyone.

   • The wedding dance. If you both like a specific genre of music then great problem solved. But if not then narrowing down on the DJ or band might take a while.

Thing You Can Do As A Bride To Be

Planning a wedding can be stressful and tiring and maybe not something that he is very comfortable with. So, make sure you cut him some slack. If there is something that you can do on your own then you can take care of it to take some load off him and also surprise him.

  • Surprise him with a gift or romantic date before the wedding. A great way to unwind for both of you before the D-Day!

  • Plan the honeymoon. Narrow down on a place you both would love, plan the whole thing and do the bookings. A perfect way to surprise him!

  • Take help from your bridesmaids to get the smaller things done rather than doing everything yourself.

  • Get a gift for your parents.

Being engaged is a surreal feeling in itself but now that you have taken a step forward, it's best to be prepared for what’s coming next. These are just some things you should be aware of now that she has said yes. We hope you find this helpful and manage to surprise your fiancé with all this knowledge!

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