Gifts That Play Songs

October 4, 2021 9:15 AM

Some of us like to listen to music, while some of us live it. This list of gifts that play songs is for the ones who live music. We all have someone in our lives who loves to put on a pair of noise-cancelling headphones and escape the world. That’s why we have made this list of gifts that are perfect for their love of music and at the same time unique, thoughtful and meaningful.

The Best Gifts That Play Songs

1. DIY Music Box: Make Your Own Songs

A beautiful wooden DIY music box that lets music lovers create their own beautiful songs! This one makes a wonderful gift for someone who loves music and appreciates good artwork. Just write out the song, punch in the notes in the musical paper that comes along using the hole punch and then just feed it into the piano. Then the handle on the side turns to feed the paper through the box and then play some beautiful music.

This DIY music box comes with a top compartment to store the papers and extra music papers are also available so that your friend or loved one can always create their songs.

2. Smart Ukulele

This gift is a beautiful way to encourage someone to follow their passion for music. Designed with smart technology, Bluetooth and a corresponding app, this smart ukulele can teach anyone to strum songs. All anyone needs to do is choose the chords or full songs they wish to play and just follow it up on the light-up fretboard. There is even an option to record the songs and share them with friends. The perfect combination of technology and music!

3. Bose Frames Audio Sunglasses

Not a fan of in-ear earbuds or headphones? Then get these super swanky and cool Bose Frames Audio Sunglasses! These sunglasses block up to 99% of the sun’s UVA and UVB rays, as well as include Bose speakers in the arms! A great gift choice for anyone who loves to listen to good music while on the go. It delivers rich, immersive sound quality while also ensuring awareness of what’s going on around.

4. Eye Mask Sleep Headphones

If you want to buy a gift for someone who finds it difficult to fall asleep or loves listening to music while winding up for the day, then this one is just perfect. The Eye Mask Sleep Headphones are made using memory foam that is super soft and has a silk lining, which makes them comfortable to wear at night. Just listen to your favorite artists and slip into sweet dreams in complete comfort. It comes with built-in headphones that can play music wirelessly, so they can say goodbye to those annoying earbuds that keep falling out!

5. Pocket DJ Mixer

When you want to gift someone musical yet handy, then this Pocket DJ Mixer is a great choice. It can be easily slipped into the pocket but don’t go on its design. This handy DJ Mixer can belt out amazingly powerful sounds from the phone when they are in the mood to show off their DJ skills.

6. POW Expandable Travel Speaker

This portable travel speaker is perfect for a friend who loves to share their music vibes with everyone. Whether it’s a car ride, picnic or barbeque, these speakers can be expanded and simply attached to a phone to play your favorite songs and collapsed when on the move.

7. Timber Drum

A piece of art, this one makes a special edition to this list of gifts that play songs. Made from beautifully-crafted oak, ash and birch instrument, this timber drum is built to last. It comes equipped with two rubber mallets and can play up to 6 different mellow tones that are beautifully soothing and have woodsy notes.

We hope you like this list of different, fun, and some beautiful gifts that play songs. They make the perfect gift option for someone who loves music or for anyone actually. If you want more inspiration, then check out our blog Gifts That Play a Song, which has more amazing musical gift ideas.

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