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First Birthday Gifts For Babies

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September 11, 2022

First Birthday Gifts For Babies

Baby turning one means toddlerhood here we come! Mamma and Papa better be ready to run around a lot, clean a lot of messes, and less sleep obviously because here comes the runner, jumper, and escaper. 

If you are a parent, then we are sure you already have your birthday plans hashed out, maybe even a fun cake smash, and now all you need is a gift worthy of your little one. The first birthday gift should be something sentimental, sweet, and yet fun and colorful enough to make your little one excited. Finding a birthday gift that combines all these qualities can be a little difficult. It can be especially difficult for friends and family members who want to get something that the baby truly loves. 

As parents, if you already know what your toddler likes or if there is something practical you want then there is nothing wrong in dropping some hints to your friends. Something as simple as you would prefer wooden gifts or practical gifts would be a good suggestion to help them out. But if you are a parent, uncle, aunt, friend, or grandparent who is a little lost as to what to get a one-year-old, then here are some amazing first birthday gift ideas for you!

Unique, Fun, And Sweet First Birthday Gifts For Babies

  1. Busy Board For Toddlers

Any toddler parent will tell you how important it is to find things that will keep their little one busy for longer than 5 minutes! This busy board is designed to do just that and any parent would appreciate this gift. Made of wood, this Montessori toy can be personalized with the baby's name and provides hours of fun and engagement. The baby's name is like a puzzle and it comes with different everyday objects that are just great for developing their fine and gross motor skills. Babies learn a lot from open-ended toys and that’s why this one makes an excellent first birthday gift idea.

  1. Honeysticks Originals Beeswax Crayons

Crafted from natural beeswax, these crayons are great for inspiring toddlers to get creative. Crayons make great gifts because they are open-ended, creative, and even help develop fine motor skills. These are chunky sized so they fit perfectly in those tiny hands and since they are completely natural you can gift them to toddlers without a worry.

  1. Manhattan Toy Musical Lili Llama

This one tops the list for best toys for babies and why wouldn’t it? Packed with full of auditory cause and effect learning and hours of fun, this musical toy makes one standout first birthday gift. This cute little llama has some vibrant and colorful prints on it made using water-based and non-toxic colors. The 5-bar xylophone, removable maraca tail, washboard, clacking saddle blankets, and wooden mallets, make this musical toy a complete package for your little prodigy! 

  1. Nuna Rava Convertible Car Seat

This one is more like a gift for the parents but something that the little one will need and use every day. With the little one turning one, the parents would be looking to upgrade their infant car seat to a convertible seat and this Nuna Rava car seat is one of the best. Extremely comfortable, functional, and made using flame-retardant material, we are sure any parent would appreciate this thoughtful and practical first birthday gift.

  1. Personalized Book: Wonderbly Happy Birthday To You Book

They are never too young for books! This personalized book makes a beautiful and thoughtful first birthday gift for babies. With each page featuring a different animal that matches the letters of the baby’s name, this personalized book is a gift custom-made for them. Colorful and vibrant it is just perfect for those wandering eyes and the rhymes will make sure they are attuned when you read the book out loud. A great way to teach them the letters and eventually their name. 

  1. Stokke Tripp Trapp High Chair

One more great first birthday gift that both the baby and the parents would appreciate is the Stokke Tripp Trapp High Chair. Sturdy, long-lasting, and comfortable, this high chair will let the little one enjoy her meal times with everyone else in the family as you can adjust the height to the dinner table level. This fully adjustable chair can be used for babies from 6 months old to 3 years. It has space to add cushions, trays, and even a newborn set in case the parents wish to, later on, pass it on to another baby.

  1. Munchkin First Birthday Gift Basket

A practical and cute gift basket for the one-year-old! Whether you are a parent or friend looking for the perfect gift for your munchkin's first birthday, this gift basket is something that you can definitely consider. Packed with some of the best-selling baby essentials, this makes a wonderful gift that the baby will use every day. From a leak-proof sippy cup, bath squirters for fun, and teething-friendly utensils, this basket has them all.