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BMSTL Annual Subscription

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May 5, 2022

At Bring My Song To Life, we pride ourselves on coming up with the most unique and thoughtful gift ideas that make you fall in love with it! That’s exactly what drove us to come up with an Annual Subscription plan!

Wondering what annual subscription plans have got to do with a personalized song gift company?! Well, this is our way of capturing life as it is in a beautiful song. A way to help you document all the memorable moments of your life in a custom song! What the annual subscription package includes is a song every year that tells what happened in your life through the year – the sweet moments, the ups and downs, the milestones you achieved, beautiful memories, and everything in between. A song that will help you hold on to those memories and cherished moments a little longer.

Let’s say for example you are getting married or graduating or having a baby this year, then getting an annual subscription package will help you capture this wonderful year and every little detail that matters in the custom song that will stay with you forever. Yes, you can always capture life in pictures but capturing life in a song that is created using your own words is something else! It captures how you felt at that moment in time forever!

The whole process of getting an annual subscription is actually quite simple. Firstly, choose the package - “Nice & Simple”, “Small Band” or “Full Band”. Once you choose the package, all you need to do is write down and send us all your experiences and special memories for the past 12 months. You can even add anything else that you want to be included in the song and we will use all this information to create some beautiful lyrics.

When the initial draft of the lyrics is ready, it will be sent to you for approval. If you need us to make any changes or additions you can let us know. Once the lyrics are approved, our musicians get working on it and start composing the song. You can always choose a genre you like or simply leave it to us and we will choose the best for your story.

Only when you are 100% happy with the song and we have your approval, we finalize everything and send you the final version of your custom annual song. What you get at the end of all this is memories, thoughts, and events of the entire year captured in a beautiful song!

Our annual subscription is a gift that you can get yourself or even for a friend or loved one. It is like someone singing a song about your life – a song made especially for you and about you!

An absolutely beautiful and fantastic idea!