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Birthday Gifts For Sisters

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August 28, 2022

There are few people in this world who would try to knock you down one moment and the next they will shower you with unconditional love. If you have been lucky enough to have a sister then you know what we are talking about.

Sisters are your by default best friend for life, they are your mentor, therapist, partner in crime and so much more. If there is someone who always has your back then it has to be your sister. While she might occasionally steal your favorite clothes, spill all your secrets to your mom or even get you grounded, she loves you like no one can. Every sister and sisterly relationship is different but one thing that is common is the bond and love that you have with them. 

That’s why your sister deserves to be celebrated. Celebrate your sister and show her how much you love her by surprising her with a birthday gift on her special day. We have some really fun, unique, and special birthday gifts for sisters on our list because we know it is the hardest to buy a gift for someone you love!

Unique, Fun, and Special Birthday Gifts For Sisters

  1. Friends Candle

A unique gift and a good one if she is a Friends fan! This Friends-themed scented candle comes with a sweet message on the jar and can be personalized with her name on the lid. You can even choose from 15 different scents to get the one that matches her personality. A cute birthday gift for your Monica!

  1. The COMFY The Original Blanket Sweatshirt

This one is for the lounger! If your sis loves to lounge at home over the weekends, then this blanket sweatshirt will be the ultimate birthday gift for her. Cozy and comfy, this super soft sweatshirt is like a dream to just wrap around and watch a movie or take a nap. Basically live her best life!

  1. Allbirds Wool Pipers Sneakers

A pair of comfortable and stylish white sneakers? Yes, please!! Your sister would really appreciate this practical and thoughtful birthday gift. White sneakers go with absolutely anything and these cushioned Allbirds sneakers are designed for everyday wear. And yes, if she is a fan of sustainable products, then these sneakers are made using renewable materials. Bonus points, right?!

  1. Blume Multi Mask

Every girl has days when her skin needs that instant refresh. So, surprise your sister by gifting her this ultimate mask kit from Blume. It includes one Superpower clay mask to get rid of all those impurities and a Sunbeam exfoliating mask for that refreshed, super soft skin. Best way to pamper your sis on her birthday, right?

  1. Trinket Dish

A cute trinket dish to keep all her jewelry but with a sweet message. This one will remind her of you and your love every time she grabs a pair of earrings or her favorite ring. 

  1. Big Sister/Little Sister Bracelet Hair Tie

Not your regular bracelet! A bracelet that doubles up as a hair tie holder! Perfect for the sister who can never find her hair tie! Engraved with the words “Big Sister” and “Little Sister”, you can each wear your respective bracelet that looks classy and elegant. Perfect for everyday wear!

  1. Custom Face Socks

Looking for a funny gift to annoy your sister on her birthday? Then these custom face socks are just what you need! Choose the sock color and then give them your best or maybe the funniest picture to print all over it! Your sister would have to see … actually wear you every day!

  1. The Zodiac Sign Necklace

Is your sister a classic Aquarian? Or a stubborn Leo? No matter what their star sign, you can get them this unique and stunning zodiac sign necklace for their birthday. The pretty silver chain and the zodiac sign pendant make this one a really cute birthday gift for sisters.

  1. Therapy Dough

Remember how satisfying and fun it was playing with dough or clay as kids? Surprise your sister on this birthday with a therapy dough that will help her relive those childhood memories. Inspired by art therapists who use clay to help patients with depression and anxiety, this therapy dough provides fun and stress relief, and aromatherapy benefits.

  1. Custom Song

This one is a one-of-a-kind birthday gift for sisters. You can surprise your sister on her birthday with a beautiful custom song as a birthday gift. A song made especially for her by you. No, you don't need to be a composer or writer to get her this special gift. Instead, all you need is a little help from us. Simply tell us all your childhood stories, sweet memories, funny moments, those week-long fights, and everything else, and we will use all of this information to create a song packed with memories and sweet messages. This is the best birthday gift you can get your sister… one that will make her feel loved and special. 

We hope you liked our birthday gifts for sisters list. Take some inspiration and start hunting for that perfect gift for that perfect sister of yours!