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8 Habits That Can Transform Your Life In 2023

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January 26, 2023

As the year ends, you will see social media filled with posts from people telling you how they wish to transform themselves in the new year. But do we really need to make resolutions to be better? Do we need to wait for a new year to come to do something for ourselves? What if you are happy with how you are and only looking to be better? 

Putting yourself first and taking care of yourself should always be a priority. And a new you or new life does not mean you change yourself. Sometimes all you need to do to improve your life is make small changes in your daily habits and not let some old habits hold you back. Today, we will be talking about good habits that can make a big difference in your life. Once these habits get etched in your brain, you will automatically see your health and life transforming. 

8 Daily Habits That Can Actually Change Your Future

1. Waking Up Early

In the era of binge-watching OTT series, this can be difficult to achieve. But try to kick that habit of staying up late and watching that one last episode (Which is never the last!!) or scrolling through endless reels and going to sleep on time. This way you will be able to wake up early and get a kick start to the day. When you wake up early, you will see that you have time for yourself, to think, declutter and plan your day. Start by waking up 30 mins earlier than your usual time and gradually increase it to a point where you get an hour in the morning just for yourself before you get busy with family and other chores. Use that hour for whatever you want to do whether it is enjoying your coffee, making your to-do list for the day, taking a walk, or indulging in a hobby. Make it your “me” time!

2. Don’t Look At Your Phone In The Morning

Gone are all the days when we looked at our loved one's face first thing in the morning. Now we look at the work emails or the latest reels as soon as we open our eyes. Kick this habit and make it a point to not look at your phone for at least 30 mins after you wake up. Everything can wait. Not giving in to that urge to check out the outside world and focusing on yourself can do wonders for you. Try it!

3. Exercise At Least For 30 Minutes

In this fast-paced life, sometimes you overlook the most important thing - your health. Working out for at least 30 minutes daily can change you. It does not matter whether you spend 30 minutes in the gym, doing yoga, walking, jogging, or anything else you like. What matters is you moving your body. Be grateful for your healthy body and take care of it by moving. Fix a time and make sure that you do some form of exercise every day at the same time. You will slowly notice the change in your energy levels, mood, and body in a few days.

4. Read At Least 10 Pages Everyday

Not an article online or story on Insta but an actual book. Pick up a book, it does not matter what genre, simply anything you like, and make it a point to read at least 10 pages every day before you go to bed. This way you get two things - you don't look at your phone right before bed and you will calm your mind before heading to bed. It will take you maybe 10 minutes to read 10 pages but these 10 minutes can transform your life by improving your focus, calming you, and helping you sleep better.

5. Practice Gratitude

Practicing gratitude is one sure-shot way of changing your perspective and attracting positive things in life. When you focus on the good things, the things you are grateful for, life becomes more beautiful. It might sound silly, but how can just being grateful bring a change? It does help. When things get tough or when you are having a difficult time with a loved one, focusing on the positive things and being grateful for them helps you refocus on all the things that are good and going well. An attitude of gratitude towards everything in life can really transform you and your future.


6. Manage Your Money

This is one thing you need to be mindful of if you wish to be happy and successful in life. Look at all the successful people and one thing common between each one of them is they are all money managers. Being mindful of how much and where you are spending is very important. Swiping your credit card at every whim is easy and might even make you feel good for that moment but think about the long term. Think whether you really need it or are you just buying things to please yourself. 

One of the easiest ways to manage your money is to stash some money away, maybe in a separate account at the beginning of every month. You will be surprised by how soon it all adds up. Another easy way is to add some money to a jar every time you spend on something unnecessary. Managing your money now can make your future and help you when you really need it. 

7. Make Time For Self Care

In today’s world, there can be nothing more important than self-care. We hear and experience stress, depression, anxiety, and more every day. Sometimes in the hustle of life and staying ahead you ignore the single most important thing - YOU. So, make sure that you make self-care a priority. Whether it is taking a hobby class, writing in your journal, some “me” time at the end of the day, a coffee break with friends, or a spa day with the girls, do what works for you. When you are doing well and when you are healthy only then can you do your best in life and be the best for others. 

8. Take A Social Media Detox

This one might sound cliché but a social media detox even if it is once a month can do wonders for you. Not feeling the need to constantly check what is happening in other people’s lives can be life-saving for you. Take a break from all social media and even your phone if possible for a few days a month and see how you reconnect with yourself and the people around you. People who do it come back feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and reconnected with themselves. 

It’s time to take notice of what you want to change in your life. These are not big asks, they are small habits that you can inculcate in daily life without actually changing your whole life. But once you start practicing them you will be amazed by the results.