10 Most Popular Flowers For Your Dream Wedding (With a Twist)

March 23, 2021 1:59 AM

Fresh, beautiful flowers are like the icing on your wedding cake – or the cherry on top.  

No wedding would ever be complete without fresh blooms to make the most important event in your life more captivating. Of course, decorations will never be the same without your favorite florals, be it hydrangeas, peonies, or roses. So, how do you go about choosing the best flowers for your wedding?

Choosing the Flowers

Brides would always have a favorite flower in mind for her big day. But there are many considerations you need to make when choosing the florals to use for the bouquets, decorations, accents, etc.  

☸ Budget

First things first, set the budget for your wedding décor, especially the flowers. Generally, couples spend about 3% of their wedding budget on fresh blooms alone. This is to avoid unnecessarily overspending.


Make a pegboard and collect pictures of all the flowers you like. You can also sign up for a Pinterest account and create a board of all your wedding inspirations. That way your florist will have something to work around.  

☸ Color Scheme and Overall Theme

Determine the theme of your wedding first. From there, you can work your way around the other aspects of your big day, including venue, decorations, and most especially, flowers.  

Most Popular Flowers to Use in a Wedding

Here are 10 flower suggestions to help you narrow down your choices.  


Peonies are some of the most popular flowers for spring or summer weddings. They are lush, fragrant, and romantic – perfect for a sweet and traditional wedding style. They are available in white, red, pink, as well as coral and yellow.  


Roses are classic, which is perfect for a retro look. These flowers are also a symbol of love and purity. They are great for traditional style weddings and can be paired with other blooms. Plus, they are available year-round.  


They are well known for their pleasant smell, which is also why they are some of the most popular wedding flowers. Because of their excellent smell, they are mostly used in bridal bouquets. But they can be quite pricey.

Sweet Pea

Sweet peas have a unique fragrance. They come in white, pink, coral, and purple. They are widely used in bouquets and garden settings. They are available in midsummer.


These are majestic blooms that come in a variety of colors, such as white, pale, apricot, yellow, and orange. These flowers exude a radiant charm that makes them look expensive and rare. But they’re actually inexpensive and are mostly available in March and June.

Lily of the Valley

These are native in Asia and Europe and cost around $20 to $50 per bundle. Lilies of the valley are characterized by small bell-shaped flowers with six petals and lots of sprigs. They are also very attractive to butterflies because of their sweet smell. They are excellent bouquet flowers, especially when paired with other blooms. These are mostly found in spring and fall.  


Tulips are versatile flowers and come in 75 different species. You’ll find them in white, yellow, red, pink, magenta, and purple. What makes tulips so popular at weddings is that they symbolize consuming love.


Orchids come in many types and colors, making beautiful additions to bridal bouquets and floral arrangements. You can use tiger lilies, for example, with soft pink roses for a whimsical and dreamy look. Or go for pink phalaenopsis orchids for a pop of color.  

For Some Much-Needed Twist

❀ King Protea

The king protea is a flowering plant with a large head. Its unique look makes it an incredible centerpiece for your bouquet. Add some air plants and seeded eucalyptus to complete a never-before-seen arrangement.  

❀ Protea Red Pin Cushion

Its unusual yet magnetic appearance will definitely turn heads as you walk down the aisle. If you’re going for an exotic look, then this is the perfect addition to your bridal bouquet.  

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