Darshak - Happy, happy half century! We can barely imagine all that you will accomplish in the next 50 years. We love you! - Ryan, Jake, and Elizabeth.


King Of Hearts

You’re the most driven person I know
Always helping others, always on the go
Lots of people talk about what they’d like to do
But you’re the one who does it
I can’t keep up with you

Such an amazing father, soccer coach supreme
You are so respected and held in high esteem
Innovative, so creative, you’ve made an impact in this life
King of hearts for children
I’m so proud to be your wife

Where there’s a need
Helping with Obamacare
Gallup to pediatric cardiology
You use your brilliant mind
To take risks big and small
Be it with COVID or little hearts
Be it with a big insurer or CMMI
Taking risks with a constant eye
Whether with the Feds
Or an insurer
To make sure no one is left behind
You use your brilliant mind

Disney world is your obsession
At least that is our impression
Finding Nemo is your other joy
Your love of tiny ice cream cones
Is causing us to take out loans
But you deserve them boy oh boy

Happy 50th birthday Darshak
What career history
How you do all you do
Remains a mystery
Reflecting on
All you’ve done
We know you’ll
Do much more by 51!


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